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Stainless Steel Guide Rod for Glock

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Product Number: LS005

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Stainless Steel Guide Rod for Glock is 300% Heavier than factory part and Helps reduce recoil and muzzle jump!

Stainless Steel Guide Rod for Glock

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The Glock is a wonderful gun, we all know that. But some of the parts should be changed to improve performance. The stainless steel guide rod replaces the factory plastic part and improves operation by allowing less torque on the part. It drops in easily without any gun-smithing required. The Factory Weight spring is included and captured on the guide rod.

Available for all full-sized and compact Glock handguns. If you have a sub-compact Glock (Glock 26, 27, 33, etc.), order the dual spring stainless steel guide rod pictured at the bottom of this page.

Single Spring Captured Rod weighs 25.18 Grams, approximately 3 times the weight of the factory plastic guide rod. This added weight helps control recoil and muzzle flip, allowing you to regain sight picture faster.

Comes complete with Guide Rod and Captured Spring already assembled--just drop it into your gun!

Made in USA by men who appreciate firearms!

Please read before calling:
These guide rods will not function in sub-compact Glocks (i.e., Glocks 26, 27, 30, etc.). Those weapons utilize a dual-spring guide rod system. To use these guide rods in your Gen 4 Glock, you will need a recoil assembly adapter ring.

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Name Stainless Steel Guide Rod for Glock
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