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Magazine Survival Parts Kit for Glock

Price From: $31.95
Product Number: HCM0 HCM1

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Price From: $31.95

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Rebuild + Refurbish your Glock Magazines! Included in this kit are Glock factory magazine parts - magazine tube, spring, follower, base plate and insert plate

Magazine Survival Parts Kit for Glock

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Rebuild and refresh your Glock magazines with our Magazine Survival Parts Kit - features Glock factory magazine parts - magazine tube, spring, follower, base plate and insert plate. Available for all types of magazines. Bagged and tagged for long term storage. Stock up on these as you can never have enough magazines.

Rebuild Kit Info


*IMPORTANT- Regarding Magazine Survival Rebuild Kits*

A "MAGAZINE SURVIVAL REBUILD KIT" is a complete magazine that has been disassembled into parts.

It contains all the original parts of the magazine that have been
taken apart before being shipped into California to comply with state
and local laws. We do not remove any parts of the rebuild kit before
we ship to customers.

Rebuild kits are not to be used to assemble a new high capacity
magazine which would be in violation of local or state law. These
rebuild kits are intended to rebuild a legally owned pre-ban magazine
or for assembling a 10 round magazine pursuant to local or state law.

You can assemble your rebuild kit into a magazine when you are outside
of CA or at a location at which you are legally allowed to possess a
high capacity magazine. For example: You can take your rebuild kit
from California to Arizona, assemble it, use it, and take it apart
before you return to California. Many of our customers are competition
shooters who reside in CA but travel the country shooting and require
rebuild kits for competition. Others attend weapon training facilities
in other states where they are legally allowed to assemble and use
rebuild kits as magazines. Just be sure you take them apart completely
before returning to California.

By purchasing a rebuild kit(s) the purchaser accepts sole
responsibility to remain in accordance with local or state law and any
failure to do so will be the purchasers responsibility.
accepts no liability whatsoever for misuse or negligence on the part
of the purchaser.

It is the responsibility of the buyer to ascertain and obey all
applicable local, state, and federal laws in regard to the possession,
use, and sale of any item purchased from

Please consult the CA DOJ and/or your local ATF office if you have any
legality related questions. is simply a retail business,
we do not answer or respond to any legal or regulation related
questions for liability reasons.


Order Online or Call Toll Free: 1-800-601-8273

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Name Magazine Survival Parts Kit for Glock
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