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Want to shoot faster and more accurately with your Glock?


Top shooters know that to improve speeds and accuracy, the trigger pull must be lightened overall, and shortened in both pre-travel and over-travel.

This allows you to physically manipulate the trigger faster and, because of the lighter trigger pull, keep the sights aligned on target until the ammo ignites. This results in greater accuracy. And it really is just that simple! 
The Pyramid Trigger System is the premier trigger available for Glock handguns. We’ve improved every aspect of the adjustable trigger concept… starting with a wider, more comfortable aerospace grade Billet Aluminum trigger pad and safety. The wider safety and trigger pad allow you to shoot with the pad of your trigger finger… the most sensitive part. This enables faster speeds, more positive manipulation and, again, greater accuracy.

To accomplish this task, the Pyramid Trigger System incorporates precision adjustment screws to allow you to dial in the exact distance you want for pre-travel and over-travel, while maintaining all of the safety features built into your Glock.

Our uniquely identified gold trigger bar is coated with Titanium Nitride. This coating is extremely hard, and friction-free, which helps give the Pyramid Trigger a crisp, consistent, and even break… allowing you total control of your speed and accuracy.

And to make your Glock uniquely your own, you can choose from 36 different trigger/safety color combinations in any of our three Pyramid Trigger System kits.

Visit the GlockStore YouTube channel for complete, easy-to-follow instructions for both the installation and adjustment procedures. You'll also enjoy “live fire” demonstrations of this indispensable Glock shooting accessory. 

Your Pyramid Trigger may need some adjustment to suit your preferences when installing into your gun.  For questions on installation, please call Glockstore customer service to speak to a Glock Certified Armorer. 

The Pyramid Trigger System is available in three configurations to suit your personal shooting requirements.

Basic - This is our basic kit which includes the complete Pyramid Trigger System assembly for a virtual “drop-in” installation.

Complete – The kit adds our Titanium Safety Plunger. This premium plunger features rounded shoulders, and the friction-free coating, for positive safety action and minimal wear. This kit also includes our complete Competition Spring Kit and Double Diamond Connector. 

Ultimate – Our deluxe kit includes everything in the Complete Pyramid Trigger, and adds the “Skeletonized” Striker with extended firing pin for faster “pin to primer” speeds and greater primer penetration, even with “hard primer" ammunition.