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Reset Trigger Kit for Glock

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Price From: $199.95
Product Number: T0380

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Price From: $199.95

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Reset Trigger Kit for Glock is the Ultimate Dry Fire Practice System for Glocks

Trigger Reset Kit for Glock

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After considerable research and development and lots of "going back to the drawing board"  I'm pleased to announce that we have now perfected the Reset Trigger System and its ability to work with the Magic Bullet Laser module. 

Our kit includes a specially designed striker and modified trigger bar and trigger housing that gives you a consistent and realistic trigger pull while effectively resetting itself to allow for rapid shot after shot practice while projecting a laser dot to your target each and every shot, no matter how fast you pull the trigger.

This is unlike any other reset trigger kit on the market. I have tested them all and I know that our trigger pull is more realistic, it actually clicks like a real Glock trigger, and it will actuate the Magic Bullet. This combined, gives you the most dynamic, dry fire/laser fire training tool available at this time.

The Reset Trigger System drops into your existing gun in less than 2 minutes, and you're ready for serious training that will translate itself to the range the next time you shoot live ammo. Please, watch our online videos for complete demonstrations and information regarding this outstanding device.

If you are serious about training and want to become a faster, more accurate shooter, I strongly suggest that you consider the entire package as described. I encourage you to watch the videos on our website so that you fully understand the value and advantage this training will give you. I guarantee that if you practice as I demonstrate, you will become a faster and more accurate shooter.

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Name Reset Trigger Kit for Glock
SKU T0380
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