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.22 LR Conversion Kit for Glocks

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This .22 LR Conversion Kit converts your GLOCK Handgun into a .22 LR. It allows you to shoot inexpensive .22 Long Rifle ammunition so that you can shoot longer and more often. By Advantage Arms - the best kit available!

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.22 caliber conversion kits are in huge demand and tight supply, therefore, no discounts are available on this item.

Please see Ammo Recommendations in “ADDITIONAL INFORMATION”

This .22 LR Conversion Kit converts your GLOCK Handgun into a .22 LR. It allows you to shoot inexpensive .22 Long Rifle ammunition so that you can shoot longer and more often. It turns your GLOCK into an ideal pistol for first time shooters and makes a great tool for teaching women and young adults how to safely shoot a pistol without the intimidation of larger calibers such as 9MM and .40 S&W.

Plus it's less destructive to targets and surrounding structures when used for law enforcement training. Our kit comes with a Slide Lock and Internal Firing Pin Block Safety, features which you can't find on any other Glock conversion kit. This is the best .22 caliber conversion kit in the industry. I have tested it, shot over 10,000 rounds through mine, and sold thousands of them! Read below for more info:

The Sights are identical to the Glock factory sights that come standard on most guns. As such, they are the most applicable training sights for LE and self-defense. The front and rear sights are removable Glock OEM sights. The front sight is fixed. The rear sight is adjustable for windage and elevation.

The slide will lock open after the last round in the magazine has been fired. Our unique patented magazine design and heat-treated steel lock open insert allows us to offer this special and desirable feature which you can only find on Advantage Arms.22LR Glock conversion kits.

All aluminum parts are hard anodized with a matte black finish. Hard anodizing is 3 times thicker than standard anodizing and is as hard as a piece of heat-treated tool steel (RC 60-65). This finish will help to eliminate both scratching and wear. All steel parts are heat treated with a black oxide finish. The barrel is made from either heat treated 416 Stainless Steel or heat treated 4140 steel, depending upon availability.

Installation is simple and does not require any modifications to your Glock pistol. Simply remove the Glock magazine and slide as outlined in your Glock owner's manual. Now slide the Advantage Arms slide onto the frame, until it engages with the slide lock. Check to make sure that the slide lock is in its most upward position. Insert the conversion magazine. You are now ready to shoot. This procedure can be accomplished in less than 10 seconds with some practice.

This kit is delivered to you in its own, very nice carrying case that includes, the .22 caliber upper, 10-round magazine, and magazine loading tool.

Be sure to order extra magazines! 






CCI 40 grain round nose MiniMags have proven to be the most consistent and reliable brand of ammo. Other brands tend to vary from one production run to the next. They may work fine one time, however, the next time you buy them you start experiencing feeding and cycling problems. If this happens, it's more likely the ammo causing the problem and not the kit. In this situation you should try another brand of ammo. 


17-22, 19-23, 26-27 - CCI Mini-Mags (40 grain round nose NOT hollow points), CCI AR Tactical, CCI Blazers, Remington Golden Bullets 550/525 round Bonus Pack*, 20-21, 29-30 - CCI Mini-Mags (40 grain round nose not hollow points), CCIAR Tactical, CC1 Blazers. 

NOT RECOMMENDED: CCI Mini-Mags hollow points, any Winchester ammo, Federal ammo, Remington 
Thunderbolts, CCI Stinger or any other hyper velocity ammo. 

*Remington Golden Bullets work quite well, however, you will get more light strikes and inconsistent loads than with the other recommended ammo. 

Please note: No discounts are available on the purchase of this item. Discounts will only apply to accessories and parts.

Order Online or Call Toll-Free: 1-800-601-8273
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Ratings & Reviews

31 reviews

Worth it


Took this the range today and had a blast. Ammo for this is inexpensive and was able to shoot for 2 hours. Only had one stove pipe, 3 double feeds and one misfire this happened with the two mags. Probably just breaking in. The rest of CCI mini mag 400 rounds worked perfectly. Sights are good no problems hitting targets. Now my wife can work her way up to a 9mm with the same gun. Make sure you get extra Mags.

Advantage Arms conversion kit...............The Best !!!!!


Its everything you would hope it to be. Bought this for my wife to learn how to shoot her 23 before experiencing 40 cal recoil and noise. The machining is superb. Fits like it came from the Glock factory. The design is in keeping with Glock styling to a fault. The feel of the slide and spring is factory equal. Shooting hundreds of .22's with the full weight and feel and aim of the 23 is not only great for learning firearms and pistol technique, its great for practice for the seasoned shooter.
I can't say enough about how great it is to shoot .22's from my primary sidearm as compared to a couple of other .22 pistols I own (though both are good in their own right).
For learning, instructing, and putting hundreds and hundreds down range in my medium size Glock, this is the best.



I have been shooting alot of years,and I gotta say this set up is one of the most fun 22s that i have ,and i have a few..and the fact that you can shoot it on your Glock.what a treat. I have mine on a gen 4 mod 22.I have put a few 100 rounds through it and had one hang up.Pretty cool hu? Advantage arms conv.kit is the best i have been around.I have seen and shot 3 different kinds and Iam glad I bought this one.One thing thought make (SURE) you buy good ammo..Your asking for trouble if you dont.I like cci stingers with a 40 gr bullet.cant beat them.Buy one youll be glad you did



This is the neatest thing I could buy myself for my birthday, I just got back from the range and I REALLY enjoyed shooting it on my Glock lower. Great set up for practice and a lot cheaper. THANKS Lenny for carrying a great product.



Never fear, there is a quick remedy for those slide locks that don't fully lock in the upper position after placing the Advantage Arms slide onto the Glock frame. There's nothing wrong with it, so don't think the conversion slide needs to be returned. Although sometimes simply racking the slide a couple of times allows the slide lock to seat itself properly, there is an even quicker, and more positive solution for locking the slide onto the frame.
Simply enough, after mounting the slide onto your Glock frame, just take your thumb and push the front of the barrel rearward into the slide and watch how the slide lock magically snaps into its fully locked upward position.

Purchase well worth getting


I took this conversion kit to the range with my son and daughter. My son and I shot 9mm for a few mags and then I installed the conversion kit. The switch from the factory slide to the Advantage Arms conversion slide was extremely easily. My daughter was very nervous about shooting the pistol after see the recoil of the 9mm. I showed her proper grip and she had a blast. This is a great tool for teaching shooters to shoot without the recoil and cost of normal ammunition. I didn't take a chance on using regular .22LR ammunition and went with the recommended CCI ammo. You can't go wrong with this purchase.

Works even on Customized Glocks


I have a Glock 19 Gen 4 that has the Pyramid Trigger kit installed.
This .22LR Conversion Kit Works GREAT on it.
You can do a simple mod to the Magazine to remedy any FTE's you may get.
The kit does seem to favor CCI 40 grain, but I have had good luck with Federal, Norma Tac-22, and CCI mini mag 36 grain. I have had less FTE and FTF issues with this Kit than I have with my S&W MP22 Compact.

Follow the instructions for assembly and lube carefully.

Have Fun and Be Safe

Advantage Glock 22 Conv.Kit for Gen 4 Glock 19


Just purchased the Advantage 22 conversion kit for my Gen4 Glock 19. What a surprise! Just completed shooting a 500 round pack of the recommended CCI Mini-Mags. No feeding or ejection failures! Just a drop of oil on the recommended points at 100 round intervals between switches to my 9mm upper. No detailed cleaning. Initially, after a couple of magazines, I made an elevation adjustment (U-1click), I was able to keep 3 shots in 1" slow fire, remaining 7 shots in 2.5" rapid fire at 25 feet in my basement range. Great practice!

Awesome with right ammo


Bought one for the 19 to get the wife used to the household pistols, and perhaps graduate her from my S&W 622 .22 pistol (which she loves to death but is a bit large for carry!).

Ammo is everything. When I got it, only had some Remington Golden Bullet 40 grain High Velocity .22, which I thought might suffice... FTF once or twice, FTE on EACH round.

Bought a box of CCI Mini-Mag High Velocity Ammunition (36 grain - mini-mag was the term, grain was not noted) as recommended, not a single FTF/FTE, she was much more comfy with it, and my accuracy at 15 yards surprised me - 3 inch group first mags, and I'm no marksman. Since she's hung up on recoil but loves to shoot 22 (and is quite accurate with it) I am seriously considering buying a g26 kit for my G26... if she likes that, might buy her a dedicated G26 + the AA g26 conversion as well to make her dedicated carry pistol.

(.22 carry is better than no carry!)

Random note, snap caps won't feed from the magazine.

Awesome Kit!


Bought mine for a Gen 3 Glock 19. After a quick cleaning took it out for the first time & shot over 200 rounds of CCI Mini-Mags 40 grain (the recommended ammo). It performed flawlessly, was extremely accurate, & provided very nice groupings. Was impressed with the quality of this conversion set up. Very Satisfied & would definitely recommend it to others!

Great Conversion...But.


Received the kit for my G27 and headed to the range. Found the groups were hitting approx. 3" high and to the left. Rear sight was lodged in the far left position. Sight tool bent trying to make an adjustment. Was able to loosen with a precision screwdriver and centered the groups moving the adjustment far right. Bottomed out the elevation adjustment but still was grouping 2 - 3 inches high.
Contacted Glockstore and was advised the groupings may be shooters error (45 years LE and proficient shooter ... don't think so) but said I should check with Advantage Arms.
Contacted Advantage Arms and found customer service to be exceptional!!! Displayed a true concern for the problem and resoled the situation within a few days which included the shipping of replacement parts. Extremely satisfied with the kit and Advantage Arms. Still give them a 5. Groups consistently center just like the 40 cals.

Fired but did not cycle


Fits my polymer 80 sub-compact frame but I haven't been able to get it to fire semi-auto. When I called Glock Store with all the data they put me on hold for a little bit then came back and told me they are not meant to work with polymer 80 frames which make no sense to me since the frame seems to have very little to do with the recoil and picking up another round. I'm not sure what the malfunction was but I didn't even feel much recoil if anything. I'm going to try a much heavier round and see if that works. Maybe I'll attempt to put a lighter recoil spring in it and see if that helps too. So only 4 stars since I could not get it to work quite right, but fits are as far as I can see to Glock specs.

Gotsta Have One!


Bought one for my G20 so my wife could practice with it, not to mention the ability to practice with very cheap ammo. However, be very careful to use on,y the recommend brands as the assembly is a little wonky with many popular ammo brands. Regardless, why not have 2 guns in one!

Great Training Aid


A early Christmas for me but I will share with my wife and daughter.

I mounted the unit on my Glock 17 Gen 3 and was 100% perfect with 160 rounds down range. 60 rounds were CCI Mini-Mag 36 grain HP which AA does not recommend but they functioned perfectly. Next range visit my wife and daughter will participate.

if you live in NY pay the $10 to get it put on your license


just a quick tip here on commi NY get it added to your license. i was told a few gun stores who saw it on my license that they heard of people getting busted who didn't ( technically its not the gun you registered because the caliber is different stupid i know so just pay the 10)

i waited over a year before writing a review. this is 100% worth buying. i have a G17 gen 4 and i use BULK CHEAP AMMO in this and it works great!

the trick is to keep it well lubed. before i use it i drop a couple of drops on the rail and after i clean it i wipe it down with some oil.

Made me fall in love with shooting all over again.


I bought one a few weeks ago and just got to shoot with it this past weekend. I was getting 3/4" groups and even my off-hand shooting was better than usual. My only other .22lr is a Walther P22 so having one based around a Glock is so much more satisfying to shoot. Just make sure you buy a few extra mags when you get one, loading is a PITA when you've just got the one.

Custom Frame - Zero Issues!


Just installed the kit in my gen3 glock 34. All the trigger work felt great shooting this kit 22lr. 200 rounds of CCI mini-mags with zero issues (solids as recommended). 100 rounds of CCI Blazers with zero issues. Very happy with fit and finish. Even happier with the accuracy of this system. Mini-mags shot a little tighter but all within a 2 inch target spot at 10 yards. Have a Buckmark UDX and Walther p22 that both have issues with ammo and reliability. Love that the money I put into the trigger is usable on this kit. The most fun 22 pistol I have now!

Worth the money in ammo savings.


After 100 rounds on a G26 frame I'm surprised and impressed with this conversion upper. Worked fantastic with ammo the manufacture suggest using. CCI Mini-Mag 40gr. round head. What a blast!

Just buy a .22 gun instead.


I have bought conversion kit for Glock 17 Gen 5. I cleaned and oiled the gun according to the manual. I have used high velocity 40 grain CCI mini mag ammo and got at least one round jammed per magazine. Few times it was failing to chamber the round resulting in dry fires, few times the round was jammed by the slide half way to the chamber. One of the magazines was completely not usable, i got rounds jammed after each shot, the rest 2 kind of ok.

Also magazines do not work with left hand mag release, you need to engage mag release button to insert the magazine.

Maybe it need to be broken in or something i don't know. Will try to spend more time with it and will contact the manufacturer if it does not improve.

Overall I'm not happy with the kit and i would rather buy a factory glock in 22. I only bought it because I needed a 22 gun for the competition and i just did not have time for 2 weeks waiting period.

Good range fun


It's actually a fun kit on my Glock 26 when it doesn't fail to eject then jam. It's also a bit picky what ammo you use. If you don't get the hardest recoiling ammo you can get your hands on it doesn't like to cycle. But when it does, it's good fun at the range. As far as home defense, wouldn't recommend but with ammo being sold out everywhere .22 lr is all I really have left for that.

WORTH Every cent


Shot tons of round from my Glock 19 and even Purchased another one for my Glock 17 and FYI PEOPLE THE ONE FOR THE GLOCK 19 also worked on my
Glock 26 so didn’t even have to purchase another one!!!

Well worth the investment lots of fun


I got this for my Glock 17/3 generation Mostly for my wife turns out we both enjoyed very much took it to range shot about 300 rounds had 2 misfires had a blast with it for me this was a good investment

Improve your game by practicing


Happy belated Thanksgiving.

I purchased the conversion kit for my Glock 17 and I am extremely satisfied.

I used Armscor HV 36 gr JHP and only problem was on first load on only two occassions. I also used Federal HV 40gr with no problems.

I purchased this so that Icould practice as Lenny indicated. I think i might have put 200 rounds today, then switched to my CZ P10, and I had the best groupings ever.

I have stocked on 3,500 rounds of LR 22

Great product. Thanks

Advantage Arms rock!


Had issues with a secondhand AA kit dated 1-16 for a G26/27 gen 3 and got everything working perfectly by replacing worn out or defective parts. AA rocks!

Much better than the Glock 44!!!


Glock 17-22 conversion Kit...
This kit is nothing short of amazing! Followed all recommendations included with the kit literature. Right out of the box it was dead on! No sight adjustments needed whatsoever! Remington Golden Bullets ran flawlessly. Ran 350-400 rounds with no malfunctions at all! What a blast! Gotta get one for my Glock 27 for sure!