$30 Dollar Holster

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The Best Value, low profile, comfortable Inside the Waistband holster available....Simple, durable, lightweight, and a Great Price!!

Available for all Glock handguns and several more.

Watch the video above.

Also fits handguns built with the Polymer80! Use G20/21 fit for P80 handguns.
I set out to make a holster that would fit and function flawlessly and sold at the lowest price possible. We experimented for several weeks and finally settled on this design which I have appropriately named the Thirty-Dollar IWB Holster because is sells for $30.00! It’s simple, durable, no-nonsense, minimal, lightweight, low profile and, yet, extremely effective!

It is worn Inside the Waistband (IWB) and the small J-Hook catches your belt to secure it in place. Your handgun is easily concealed with a regular T-Shirt, Sweater, Jacket, etc. Because the holster body is so thin and lightweight you'll forget you are wearing a holster.

Here are some of the features you should know: It’s made of very thin Kydex, easily concealed with the only part showing being a small hook that loops under your belt to secure it in place. It’s very light weight — approximately 2 ounces overall. There are no moving parts; it’s very simple! Check out the video. I’m sure you’ll find that this is a great value and, for the money, one of the best holsters available.

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I am blessed with many holsters and many glocks. I am an old guy...
Approximately a year and a half a go I ordered a $30 holster for my glock 26.
When I received it I looked it over and tossed it in my holster drawer along with the 25-30 holsters
that I have tried and discarded for one or another reason. It just did not look secure enough
for my use, none of us want to hear our gun drop out while shopping or even worse finding that it
disappeared from the holster. I found the holster while looking thru my things and decided to give it
a try. This holster is secure! This holster is very comfortable! This is the holster I ALWAYS use for my glock 26 and glock 19. I am also going to purchase one for my glock 36. Try it you'll like it.

Perfect minimal holster


There are many holsters that look the same as this, but there are few very important differences that make this superior. 1. The holster I received is different than in the picture, mine had one adjustment bolt just below the trigger guard, this has a rubber spacer in it which allows for control of the "tightness" of the holster with the clock 26. 2. The belt clip is ultra low profile, some others that I have tried, there is a .25" gap until the holster clip, and then a .5" thick holster clip, this adds almost 3/4" of protrusion, which is more visible than the handgun it is trying to conceal. This holster, has VERY minimal protrusions due to the clip, it protrudes less than .25" beyond the outside of the belt. Highly recommended.

30$ Holster, G23


I just received my 30$H for my glock 23, and wore it yesterday. It is surprisingly comfortable, is a small package and has secure lock up. I am very happy, and this product may take the place of my Crossbreed as my go to grab. Don't get me wrong, the Crossbreed is nice, but as i mentioned, the "footprint" of this holster is much smaller, with it not having a slab of leather. I love the ability to move it up to appendix as well.

Nice job, LM. Your video sold me. Thanks.

4 for now, but I expect this to be a 5 star product once i take it thru the paces.

$30 holster


I recently received this holster for my Glock 26, I must admit that prior to this holster I had an Concealment Express IWB kydex holster as well as an Alien Gear 3.0 Cloak Tuck. This holster is by far the best holster I have out of the 3. I did however, just order a Remora holster and will compare the two. For me it's super comfortable and low profile, i'm able to carry appendix or around the 4-5 o'clock position. Most of the time I don't even notice i'm carrying a concealed firearm. I ended up returning my alien gear and plan to wear this as my EDC holster. For the price point, you really can't complain. A nice, slim, comfortable IWB for $30 is a win in my book. I highly recommend getting this holster for anyone with a Glock. Great product and good customer service, shipping wasn't too bad either.

Who Says "You Get What You Pay For!"?????


I believe in minimalist holsters...without a lot of fluff. I saw this on the website, and watched Lenny's video. I figured...it's only $30. I ordered, and was I ever impressed when I received it. Perfect fit for my 19, holds snugly, comfortable...who could ask for more? I certainly wasn't expecting the quality I got for only $30! You can't go wrong!

I think it might be scraping the against my slide lock


I purchased an extended slide lock and i think it is scraping material off the inside of the holster. Its quite minor, and all around it fits the gun well and is quite snug. I still highly recommend it.

So Comfortable I Almost Forget Its There


I have been carrying this holster for almost a year now and I have to say for something so simple it has been a very comfortable holster to ware. I'm a big man with a few extra pounds and for me an in the waist band holster is hard to find. I'm very happy with this holster. There are times that I almost forget I have it on. Very easy to put on and take off, Very easy to conceal, and holds good and tight to my G 26. Thank you.

The $30 holster


I bought this holster for my PF940c build all I can say is this holster is awesome.
It's now my favorite IWB holster.

$30 dollar holster


Excellent product prompt shipping great cheap way to go for ccdw

Very Good Slim Holster, But:


I bought this holster in Nov of 2016 and wear it almost day. I Love it but I Just wanted to make others aware of what happened to me. One day I stopped to help a friend do some work on his house and didn't take the gun/holster off and worked with it on most of the day... It was construction work so I did a LOT of bending over, squatting, stretching to each side, etc, etc.... A LOT of body movement. When I got home and went to take off the gun/holster it came off rather easily.. I noticed that the "belt hook" on the holster snapped right off ... I'm sure this holster was NOT made to take that much abuse but I just wanted to let others know to be aware. I like the holster so much that I'm ordering another one now.... I just won't abuse it that much this time.. Have a good day :)

Very likable


I recently heard about the Glock $30.00 holster so I ordered one for my Glock 22 Right handed used it yesterday for the first time it works great very comfortable standing a little uncomfortable sitting for a long period of time so now I decided to order a left handed as I could wear it from behind and draw right handed but all in all very likable...



Finally!!! I've tried several different holsters and this is the first one that works as I want.

Getting another go to holster for my G43!


I’ve had one of these for a couple of years for my G43. It’s my favorite go to holster. It is the easiest holster to put on and take off even sitting in my car. It is the most comfortable holster i’ve used. The end that clips under the belt did break off after a lot of use and abuse. But hey $30?
I just ordered another one! Thanks Lenny. Great product!

Good choice!


I purchased 2 of these holsters, for a 26 & 42. They are extremely comfortable, concealable, secure, as well as easy to draw out of. I would highly recommend this holster. You can’t go wrong!

Good for the money


I recently bought 3 of these for my wifes glock 43, mother in law glock 43, and my glock 43x, because I was looking for something with a slim profile for my carry gun at work. It is a 5 star in the categories of craftmanship, concealment, and low profile. However; I give it a 3 star for comfort, for me its is very uncomfortable no matter where I place it. I still like and where the holster because it does its intended job.

Comfort and Security


I bought this based upon other ratings. It weights next to nothing and I am very happy with it. It rides comfortably just behind my right hip. I use it more than my Crossbreed IWB holster. It's especially cooler to wear during hot weather. I just wear a sleeveless under shirt beneath short sleeve shirts, including t-shirts. The holster & pistol sit securely between the shirts for comfort.

Not perfect, but a great price


Simple, well-made, and it stays in place well for a single-loop holster. A good value, too. Was expecting the "combat cut" to make a difference, but it turns out to be below the belt line, which negates the combat cut. I do like the fact that there is no "sweat shield" extending up, as that allows room for my thumb alongside the pistol during presentation. The single loop on the holster just happens to be where the belt loop is on my pants, so I have to wear it farther back than I would like, but it's still a good IWB option to check out.

Great holster for a great price.


Purchased this and absolutely love it. It’s great for my minimal EDC days. Great for quick runs to the store or just days where I do t want to use my custom appendix carry with mag holder. Even allows for my threaded barrel and my suppressor height sights on my Gen 4 MOS 19.

Not All the Same


I bought one for a model 26 and it works fantastic. The clip holds in tight and offers great concealment. Gun clicks into place with the indented trigger guard. The belt retainer clip is set up for 1 and 1/2 inch wide belts. However, the same holster for model 43 - not so great. The clip is for 1 and 3/4 inch belts (too wide for me). The clip doesn't hold tight against the body like the model 26 holster and the molded trigger guard indentation is not formed to provide a satisfying click when inserting the weapon. So five stars for the model 26 $30 holster and two stars for the model 43. YMMV.

Decent holsters for the price.


Purchased two of the $30 holsters......one for a G42 and another for a G20. When the gun is inserted in the G42 holster you can hear it click in place but when the G20 is inserted in the holster there is no click but the gun does fit snug. Not sure if this was intended for the G20 holster or not but overall the fit and quality is decent.

Best IWB holster ever...


These are without a doubt the best IWB holsters available (and I've tried a bunch) at any price for appendix carry I use this all day every with my Glock 43X I'm on my second one the clip finally broke off on my original ( but hey they are only $30 bucks) carried a Glock 43 before the 43X . Simple with almost no bulk

Bang for the Buck


I've had this holster for years and it is a remarkable holster. It is as slim as it can get and stays in place when you draw it. It's no bulk what so ever that I use with Glock 26 gen 4 and the price makes it very affordable. I'm glad to see that they still carry it because its a great deal.