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FAB Defense +4 Extension for G42

$24.50 to $49.99
SKU: 2681
This fantastic extension is finally available for the Glock 42! A must have for anyone looking to add both capacity and grip length to their firearm!

• +4 Round Capacity (for a total of 10 rounds in the magazine!)
• Additional length and contoured finger indents for a full, firm grip.
• Fiberglass reinforced polymer construction.

Please note: This product is not compatible with the frame insert (sku: 2157)

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Need to file bottom of mag


Yes, it holds 10 rounds. I got 3 of the +4 mag extensions for three gen 3 mags and all of them, the follower hung up on the bottom of the Glock mag. The part of the follower that holds the slide back on the last round is what hangs up on the bottom of the mag. That is the place on the bottom of the mag you need to file smooth. If you have that problem, I fixed it in 3 minutes with a small file. It is the Glock mag or the follower problem and not the +4 mag extension’s design. That is why it gets 5+ stars!!! 10 rounds of Awesome! When you put it together, put the back of the mag in first. It will make sense when you are doing it.

handy items for range mags not for edc


i have several of these for my glock 43 range mags. they do hold ten rounds but won't go in gun with slide closed unless you only load 9 rounds. i like them though for range time to avoid reloading so much.

As advertised


Makes your 6 round mag into an honest 10 round mag. I needed to modify the mag just a little to make this work but not a very big problem. Had toi dremel the lower back part of the magazine to get it to fit.