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Metallic Pin & Extended Controls Kit for Glocks

$49.95 to $59.95
SKU: 1078
$49.95 to $59.95

Please Note: For Glock Models 40 Gen4, & 41 Gen4, please select 9mm/.40S&W/.357SIG option

Dress up your Glock with this Metallic Parts Kit.

Kit includes the following parts:
• Precision Extended Slide Lock
• Trigger Pin
• Trigger Housing Pin
• Locking Block Pin
• Extended Slide Stop Lever.

Our pins are CNC machined, stainless steel, refinished in chrome, titanium nitride, black oxide, or various Cerakote colors … depending on your selection.

The included Extended Slide Lock is 3mm longer than the original (OEM) Glock Slide Lock. This handy item allows you to easily take down (field strip) your Glock pistol.

This parts kit fits all 3 pin Glocks excluding the G36 — 2 pins above the trigger, 1 pin in the backstrap (extended backstrap pin also included for Gen4 models).

Please note: Fits Gen2, Gen3 and Gen4, does not fit 42/43/43X/48

For the Gen5 version, click here.

For the 42/43/43X/48 version, click here.

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Ratings & Reviews

31 reviews



Slides right in looks great fired correctly obviously doesn’t add performance but isn’t supposed to they definitely seem more durable then the factory glock pins tho and looks cool so definitely a nice buy

Get the Gold


Got the Gold pin kit and all I can say is that it did my glock real justice. I appreciate the business here and will be getting more awesome parts. 😎

Worth the purchase


The extended controls really do make a big difference. That little bit extra they give you makes breaking down your pistol and locking the slide much less of a finger pain. After reading reviews about color I knew what was expected and was not disappointed. Went with the blue. It’s more flat but really looks good on my pistol. I had no chipping issues because I placed a small piece of painter tape on the end of the pins I was using the punch on. The videos are key to make installation a breeze. Looking forward to purchasing again for a few other glocks I have.