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Metallic Pin & Extended Controls Kit for Glocks

$49.95 to $59.95
SKU: 1078
$49.95 to $59.95

Please Note: For Glock Models 40 Gen4, & 41 Gen4, please select 9mm/.40S&W/.357SIG option

Dress up your Glock with this Metallic Parts Kit.

Kit includes the following parts:
• Precision Extended Slide Lock
• Trigger Pin
• Trigger Housing Pin
• Locking Block Pin
• Extended Slide Stop Lever.

Our pins are CNC machined, stainless steel, refinished in chrome, titanium nitride, black oxide, or various Cerakote colors … depending on your selection.

The included Extended Slide Lock is 3mm longer than the original (OEM) Glock Slide Lock. This handy item allows you to easily take down (field strip) your Glock pistol.

This parts kit fits all 3 pin Glocks excluding the G36 — 2 pins above the trigger, 1 pin in the backstrap (extended backstrap pin also included for Gen4 models).

Please note: Fits Gen2, Gen3 and Gen4, does not fit 42/43/43X/48

For the Gen5 version, click here.

For the 42/43/43X/48 version, click here.

Looking for a extended magazine catch?Click Here

Want to upgrade your trigger with colors to match?Click Here

Looking for Magazine Extensions for improved grip and better control?Click Here

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Ratings & Reviews

31 reviews

Exactly what I was looking for.


Got this set in and immediately put them in my Gen3 Glock 22. I was looking for something that was subtle yet noticeable. This achieved it perfectly. I ordered them in blue to represent the thin blue line that my Glock and I have stood proud in for 20 years. I couldn’t have asked for anything better.

Great set


Got this set to install on a Marine Corps memorial gun I’m building in memory of my son who died recently while on active duty. Really sets the gun off and will probably by another set for my own carry gun

Cool, but not anodized.


I ordered these in Red.... it was great. I hoped they were done in an anodized red (to match my anodized red rear plate, anodized red mag release button, anodized red magazine plate), but it was just plain flat red. So, I feel like I wasted my money because it wasn't anodized, but I still believe it is a great product for anyone who wants red pins. I kept the product to add to my apocalypse parts kit. Still wish I had these in anodized.

Good Parts as always.


Are these parts necessary? Maybe if you’re looking to color match your Glock and get a better feel. The extended slide release and extended lock lever are awesome and a big +. But I really ordered to match some colors. Nothing bad to say great item.

A Must Have


The functionality of the slide release is amazing, especially on a stiff new slide. The slide lock is a little stiff though and takes some practice (watch Lenny's awesome videos for the right way) to get it positioned just right to remove the slide. My blue set looks BADA$$ on the G20!



Awesome!!!!! It fit perfect and looks even better

Excellent product, Installed and works as advertised


While it took a few weeks for delivery it fit perfectly and looks fantastic. I would rather wait for a quality product that not only was easy to install but looks fantastic... The video was what also made this easy with excellent tips for installation. Very easy to do yourself.

The gold looks great


I got the Gold color. Looks great. Functions as expected. With the extended slide catch lever I noticed I would accidentally lift it while shooting causing the slide to lock back. Just had to adjust my grip a bit to make work.

One pin too thick


Got the Chrome kit. Everythink went in well except the trigger pin. Super tight. Had to file off chrome coating everywhere except the exposed ends. Tolerances need to account for the coating adding to the pin diameter.



Lenny Magill videos make it very easy to follow along and do it yourself, took me only 5 minutes to do. Had to fast forward the video a bit to get to the meat and potatoes but well worth it.

Gets it done


yeah, does what its supposed to. One of the pins that's labeled for gen 4 (for whatever reason) was actually needed in my gen3, but whatever, it worked. Just beware, the mag release pictured is NOT part of this kit. You can also scrape up the pin's coloring with a metal punch if you're not careful.

Very pleased with look and feel


Amazing customer service, received parts much earlier than the estimated date, got the gold and the finish/shine look amazing and all of the parts fit and feel like they belong. I did however wear some of the gold coating off on the middle of one of the pins working it into the frame so I will not be using this frame for carry use.

Fits like a glove


Just got and installed this kit on my G21SF. I watched Lenny's explanation and installation video on YouTube and had this put together and working in about 15 minutes. It fits like a glove, looks awesome, and the extended take down switch alone was worth the price of admission as I was killing my fingernails with the Glock provided switch.

Blue is not shiny


Know what you're buying.

It is a solidly built kit, and could look very sharp. But the blue is not shiny or glossy. It is flat, and plain. The Cerakote color that's closest to it would be "NRA Blue"

Solid buy, but get them in black.


I got the red, to match with the mag release shown in first picture, as it looked great in pictures, definitely disappointed when they showed up and weren’t even close. My stuff looked like a red LEGO next to the anodized aluminum mag release, and it give a very cheap look to the gun. The take down lever is great, give me enough room to get an easy grip on it, the slide lock could be bigger, it looks beefy in the pictures, but it’s only 1.5x the size of stock, just barely enough to get my thumb onto it. Pins are fine, but still look plasticy.

Nice accents


Got the blue it's the start of the details on my 23 I am cerakote some of the other parts to match these

A Basic Necessity


Just got my Metallic Pin & Extended Controls Kit for my 23 and EASILY installed it, thanks to the video provided by Lenny. MAKES A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE!!! Absolutely Love it, now just have to decide which upgrade to do next 😎 5 STARS

Great stuff


Fit my 17 gem 4 great and looks awesome in Blue. Very happy.

Good kit but could be GREAT


It is a good kit but I do agree with some of the reviews that the coloring is not the best. I bought the blue kit and the blue in this kit doesn’t match any of there blue aluminum upgrades(ie. mag catch, mag well, etc). Wish the colors were closer to matching so it’s more “uniform” across all parts. Pins were extremely tight to get in compared to the factory ones, my guess being the coating that’s on them. Also the coloring on the pins doesn’t last long at all. Take them out a few times and the coloring on the ends is pretty much gone no matter how careful you are. It is a good kit but it could be a great kit with a few tweaks.

pretty good


everything installed pretty easy and looks pretty good. only complaint is i thought the red would be more shiny than matte finish and the coating has come off a little bit but we’ll see how they hold up even more down the road. alot easier to lock and unlock slide and disassemble now!



Looks good, except the silver option isn’t shiny like other “silver” accessories bought in the store

The stop lever is still a bit small, otherwise great.


The stop lever is still a bit small, otherwise great.



Solid fit, easy install, and good quality. BUT it is not metallic as stated in description. I got the blue pin kit thinking it would match the extended mag release I ordered, just for the pin kit to be flat blue instead. I should've read the reviews ahead of time.

Easy install - works great


Red kit looks nice with Apex trigger. Works well. I have always disliked the stock Glock take-down lever. Slide release extension is great. The pins are just vanity but wth.

Adds a nice touch


I needed a new slide stop, so I bought the purple kit and theyre pretty solid and adds a subtle but slick look. Im happy with the purchase. The slide lock is a little tough but probably needs some rounds through it to loosen it up.