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Arredondo Magazine Extension

$37.95 to $42.95
SKU: 2068
Add up to 6 Rounds!

The Arredondo Glock Mag Extension increases the capacity of your Glock magazines (+6 for 9mm, +5 for .40 S&W, +4 for .45 ACP/10mm). Comes with extended 10% magazine spring and dissassembly tool. Watch the installation video to fully understand how this item fits and functions.

• USPSA limited 140mm length legal
• Magazine not included
• Will not function in post-ban, 10 round magazines

Order Online or Call Toll-Free: 1-800-601-8273
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I'm Buying 2 More!


As soon as I received the magazine extension I installed it on my G19 gen 4 15round mag. I watched the installation video and it was simple and quick. In less than 2 minutes the magazine extension was installed. That same day I took it to the range. I was only able to load an additional 5 rounds instead of the 6 as advertised. So, I now have a 20+1 magazine for my G19. I shot 50 rounds and my weapon functioned flawlessly! I'm ordering two more. All three of my magazines will now be 20+1 instead if the factory 15+1

Plus' and Minus'


Excellent product easy installation. HOWEVER, purchased the bigmouth magwell and the magazines with the arredondo basepad are no longer drop free. Will have to get the trusty ole dremmel out and do some tinkering. Could be my magwell had to order two

Works, but.


On my 10mm gen 4 mags, I did have to modify the bottom of the mags to make this work. The follower catches on the bottom of the mag. Had to flare the inside of the stock mag to make the follower not catch. Could be fixed with a thicker walled bottom insert plate.

Just installed mine!


The real beauty of buying from Lenny is his great how-to videos. I don't think anyone does a better job. I received my mag extension yesterday and after watching the video I installed it in less than 5 minutes. And, as he suggests I got out my MagLula loader and installed 23 rounds of 9mm in my magazine that held only 17 rounds prior.
If you shoot competitively, like I do in 3 Gun, this can REALLY help.

good and not good...


got some for my G19 Gen4, easy install and work fantastic.
So got some for my G20 and nope, don't work. could whittle on every mag to maybe make them fit but for the cost I shouldn't have to, so returned them. if it was me I wouldn't sell the ones for G20...

Good looks, good function


Looks and works. Spring did not want to snap into place on my gen 5 follower though.