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BugBite Ankle Holster

SKU: 3234
Designed for maximum comfort and concealment, the BUGBite holster conforms to the shape of your leg in a way that allows you to forget you are even carrying a handgun! The design is also free of velcro retention or snaps, meaning it is a completely silent draw, unlike almost every other ankle holster on the market.

The BUGBite features a universal holster designed to fit almost any small or mid-sized handgun, as well as a pouch for an extra magazine.

Sizing: Due to the nature of the BUGBite Holster and how it naturally conforms to your body, ensuring you get the right size is very important. Please refer to the product images for an example of how to properly measure your calf for sizing.
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Ratings & Reviews

5 reviews

Not for duty use


The fit was good and it doesn't cut off circulation. I first tried the Ruger LCR and Glock 42, but the grip stuck out too much. If my pant legs were looser it wouldn't have been a problem. The Ruger LCP fit perfectly. It fit down inside my boots, with the top of my boots clamping approximately 1"+ of the bottom of the barrel to my leg. It never moved from that spot while driving, getting in and out of my vehicle, or walking around over several days. The problem arose when I decided to jump up and down. After three hops of around 6" in height, the LCP, fully loaded, fell out on the ground. I decided to try another experiment, running on padded carpet. After about 25' of running, the LCP fell out on the floor. Great holster, just not suitable for retention during running or jumping.

Good to go


I wrote the 3-star review above. I don't think I was fair enough with it. I decided the LCP is just too small. I was able to get the Glock 42 to work by rotating the slide around to the 8:00 position on my right ankle, barrel clamped by my boot. (I'm right handed primary, draw the backup with left hand). It would not come out no matter how much I jumped, including a simulated foot pursuit over rough terrain. It's only uncomfortable if the slide is clamped to bone, rather than muscle, hence the 8:00 position. I could not find a comfortable position for the LCR, the cylinder digs into my leg too much. The Glock 43 also works, but it's 5 ounces heavier when loaded and slightly larger than the Glock 42.

comfortable carry


this ankle holster is the most comfortable ankle holster I have ever used. I carry a tarus titanium 38 revolver and it is held tight but comfortable. it will be slow to retrieve, but no ankle holster is for quick action anyway. will have to wait and see how long it will hold up to every day use. but is comfortable and secure, that counts for a lot since you will carry what is easy.

Everyday Carry


I wear this holster everyday at work with dress pants and cowboy boots. Up on my leg the end of the barrel just fits inside my boot. I carry two different weapons in this holster. A Smith & Wesson Bodyguard or a Glock 43. Both are carried comfortable. One of the very few leg holsters that work with cowboy boots.

Very comfortable with G43!


Been wearing this for about 2 months now and with somewhat loose dress pants or sweatpants you cannot tell if I'm carrying my glock 43!! Very, very comfortable with this smaller handgun of course! Easy to put on and take off! Cannot comment on durability now, but seems to be holding it's shape very good after 2 months of use!! You will forget you have it on!! That comfortable!!