Black Oxide Re-Finish

$25.00 to $125.00
SKU: 9013
The GlockStore Black Oxide is an excellent tactical coating that will resist corrosion, rust, repel moisture and not reflect light.

GSPC Performance & Custom’s Black Oxide coating is a dark aluminum-oxide layer that can adhere tightly to metal slides and other parts. The Black Oxide conversion will not reduce hardness or affect the dimensional characteristics of the finished part. It provides a deep black color and excellent corrosion resistance. The coating becomes an integral part of the base metal surface and does not chip, peel, crack, or rub off. 

Used primarily on components where tight tolerances are paramount. Commonly used on metal fasteners, tooling, welds, and castings where appearance and oil retention are essential, GlockStore has discovered Black Oxide to be a durable finish to complement our Performance & Custom custom slide modifications and cuts. 

The GlockStore Black Oxide is an excellent Tactical coating that will not reflect light and will tend to repel moisture.

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