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Checkered Extended Mag Catch for Glock 43X/48

SKU: 1313
Old school checkering meets modern design for a strikingly handsome and functional extended magazine release button. Now available for your G43X or 48!

Please note: Does not fit the Glock 42 or 43.
For the Extend Magazine Release that fits G43 go here
Back in the 1970's and 1980's checkering the backstrap of your 1911 was one of the most important upgrades.

This was a tedious task only undertaken by skilled gunsmiths. Now, of course, we have CNC machines that can do checkering that is next to perfect. So, I decided to apply this old school look to one of our best selling items: the extended magazine release catch ... also known as the extended magazine release button. This checkering is strikingly handsome and extremely functional. Offered in six colors.

Also available for Gen3 Glocks | Also available for G43

Simple, easy installation ... please watch the video. Does not interfere with holsters. Makes it much easier to access and depress the magazine release. I know you'll find it a great value that will add style to your Glock!
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Perfect Fit and Better Texture


Outstanding! Thank you Glockstore, for providing a "Top Shelf" product that works flawlessly with my 43X and the Shield Arms 15rd mag. The textured checkered design provides an even better surface than the original. Highly recommend.

Works with Shield Arms mags, great fit/finish


It fits my Glock 48 perfectly. Great fit and finish. The extended release doesn’t get in the way (left handed shooter, sometimes extended magazine releases are quite literally a pain) and works great with the Shield Arms magazines. Highly recommend this product.

Great part. Installation had me inventing swear words.


After installing the extended controls in about 20 minutes I tackled the extended mag release. 3 days. At least an hour working on it. I tried with a screwdriver first. No luck. Finally hunted up the dental picks. Started work and in no time dental picks were down to nubs. I had run through my entire vocabulary of swear words and after 35 years in the factory it is quite extensive. After inventing 100 more and wear a hole in the web of my hand and blood flowing I had an epiphany. Instead of going after that damned spring from the bottom where you can see it, I went through the top where you can't see so we'll. Reached in. Hooked it. And VOILA! Installing the new was easy from there. It works GREAT! So much easier to eject a mag. Well worth the trouble. Lenny probably showed on the video to go from the top but I didn't catch it. Don't make the same mistake. Even the cat left the room covering his ears. But we'll worth even the blood.

Getting the Mag Catch Spring Removed


Lenny said the removing of the spring is difficult in order to replace the Mag Catch and it is hard. I found a way to make it a little better using a 6" long very thin slotted screw driver to push and lift the spring . The key seems to be emphasized by thin blade and small such as a driver for a #3 -#4 slotted screw. The rest is just what the video shows. This extended mag catch is really nice. Very easy to get your thumb on it to release the magazine. I hope this helps others with the job.

Not for Shield Gen2 mags


Easy to install. Works flawlessly with OEM mags. Does not work with my gen2 Shield S15 mags. Had to get the Shield Enhanced mag release which works with the S15s.



I've now put more than 2000 round through my G43X with this mag catch. Love it! Works fantastic with OEM magazines, as well as the 15 round PSA micro dagger magazines. No damage to the polymer apparent.