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Competition Spring Kit for Glocks

SKU: 1065
This Competition Spring Kit will give your trigger a smoother, lighter, more crisp feel to your trigger pull.

Fits all Glock models gen 1-5.

Please Note: Trigger Spring does not fit the Gen5 models & 42/43/43X/48.
This is the NEW AND IMPROVED ultimate competition shooter spring kit. This kit will give your trigger a smoother, lighter, more crisp feel to your trigger pull. And, now, it comes with 5 different Firing Pin Springs to allow you to adjust your trigger pull exactly how you like it! Our springs are custom made for the GlockStore by a nationally known precision spring manufacturer for quality that will last!

Fits all Glock models Gen1-5.

Please Note: Trigger Spring does not fit the Gen5 Models & 42/43/43X/48.

Kit Includes:
• Glockstore extra heavy trigger spring (trigger spring helps you pull the trigger, heavier is better)
• Glockstore reduced power firing pin safety spring
• Glockstore firing pin springs in 2lb, 3lb, 4lb, 4.5lb, and 6lb increments (factory is 5 lbs)
• Extra Heavy Trigger Spring:
    • 28% More power than stock, for a much lighter pull and reliable reset
    • Manufactured from aerospace grade, high-stress rated, cryo stainless steel
    • Computer tested rate elongation
    • Closed loop, no-fail connection hooks
    • 99.99% repetition load feel: the same trigger pull every time
    • Exact OAL variance: -+- 0.002"

Gunsmith/armorer not required for installation!

Order Online or Call Toll-Free: 1-800-601-8273
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great product


I received this spring kit in the monthly gift box that I get from here and I installed it 2 lb spring to my gun along with the new pyramid trigger assembly and the Double Diamond bar and wild does it feel great smooth action Chris clean I could not be more impressed well worth the money to get it and I recommend anybody to get this

Well worth the money and easy to install

by -

Was easy to put in with Lenny's youtube videos. Did not find in the description or package that they recommend using the 4 lb spring or you may get lite primer strikes and failure to fire. With the 4 lb spring and other springs the trigger is noticeable lighter and smoother. Would recommend. I found that if inserting the pins is difficult try from the other side of the gun.

Excelent value and performance


Must have for those seeking the best trigger possible

A must have if you are not buying the complete trigger kit !

by -

Oh my lord !! I installed this spring kit in my gen4 G19 last week and finally got out to the range today ... it is a totally different gun now ... Just wow !! I love it . I used the 4 lb striker spring and will experiment with the 3 and then 2 lb springs at a later time but they are worth every Penney you pay for it ! The only problem is now do I buy 4 more spring kits only for my other Glocks or wait till I can buy the complete Pyramid trigger kit for all of them 🤔.. Thanks Glock Store for an awesome product that works very very good !!

Trigger reset spring no compatible with gen 5

by -

Better than buying an expensive trigger. Only complaint is that the trigger reset spring doesnt work for my Gen 5 glock 19 and glock 44