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Competition Spring Kit for Glocks

SKU: 1065

This Competition Spring Kit will give your trigger a smoother, lighter, more crisp feel to your trigger pull.


5x various weight striker springs for Gen1-5
1x Extra Power Trigger Spring for Gen1-4 only
1x Reduced Power Safety Plunger Spring for Gen 1-5

Fits most Glock models Gen. 1~5.

Exceptions Note:Trigger Spring DOES NOT fit Gen5 Models or G42/43/43X/48.

The striker springs and the safety plunger spring will fit and function in all Glock models.

This is the NEW AND IMPROVED ultimate competition shooter spring kit. This kit will give your trigger a smoother, lighter, more crisp feel to your trigger pull. And, now, it comes with 5 different Firing Pin Springs to allow you to adjust your trigger pull exactly how you like it! Our springs are custom made for the GlockStore by a nationally known precision spring manufacturer for quality that will last! 

Fits most Glock models Gen. 1~5. 

Exceptions Note: Trigger Spring DOES NOT fit Gen5 Models or G42/43/43X/48. 

Kit Includes: 
• Glockstore extra heavy trigger spring (trigger spring helps you pull the trigger, heavier is better) 
• Glockstore reduced power firing pin safety spring 
• Glockstore firing pin springs in 2lb, 3lb, 4lb, 4.5lb, and 6lb increments (factory is 5 lbs) 
• Extra Heavy Trigger Spring: 
    • 28% More power than stock, for a much lighter pull and reliable reset 
    • Manufactured from aerospace grade, high-stress rated, cryo stainless steel 
    • Computer tested rate elongation 
    • Closed loop, no-fail connection hooks 
    • 99.99% repetition load feel: the same trigger pull every time 
    • Exact OAL variance: -+- 0.002" 

Gunsmith/armorer not required for installation! 

Order Online or Call Toll-Free: 1-800-601-8273

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great product


I received this spring kit in the monthly gift box that I get from here and I installed it 2 lb spring to my gun along with the new pyramid trigger assembly and the Double Diamond bar and wild does it feel great smooth action Chris clean I could not be more impressed well worth the money to get it and I recommend anybody to get this

Well worth the money and easy to install

by -

Was easy to put in with Lenny's youtube videos. Did not find in the description or package that they recommend using the 4 lb spring or you may get lite primer strikes and failure to fire. With the 4 lb spring and other springs the trigger is noticeable lighter and smoother. Would recommend. I found that if inserting the pins is difficult try from the other side of the gun.

Excelent value and performance


Must have for those seeking the best trigger possible

A must have if you are not buying the complete trigger kit !

by -

Oh my lord !! I installed this spring kit in my gen4 G19 last week and finally got out to the range today ... it is a totally different gun now ... Just wow !! I love it . I used the 4 lb striker spring and will experiment with the 3 and then 2 lb springs at a later time but they are worth every Penney you pay for it ! The only problem is now do I buy 4 more spring kits only for my other Glocks or wait till I can buy the complete Pyramid trigger kit for all of them 🤔.. Thanks Glock Store for an awesome product that works very very good !!

Trigger reset spring no compatible with gen 5

by -

Better than buying an expensive trigger. Only complaint is that the trigger reset spring doesnt work for my Gen 5 glock 19 and glock 44

Great Improvement for My Glocks - Note trigger spring does not fit Glock 44


I bought two of these kits and installed them on a Gen Model 23 .40 and a G44 22LR. The trigger weight is reduced and I like the feel of the trigger. Rating four stars as the trigger spring does not fit the Glock 44, and this is not one of the models listed in the description that it doesn't fit. I need to try it out on the range, but based on dry firing, it doesn't appear to affect the functionality.

Competition spring kit


Just installed a 3lb striker spring and the reduced power safety plunger spring in my Glock 21 gen 4. And WOW what a difference!! Love the changes I'm made. I have also installed extended controls and the double diamond yikes 3lb connector. Great Products, Great Service, Great Store in the Nashville Area. Lenny is the Man when it comes to Glock!!