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Complete Pyramid Trigger for Gen5 Glocks

SKU: 1206
The Complete Kit is the next step up in the Pyramid Trigger System For Gen 5 Glocks.

When selecting the colors for your Pyramid Trigger, the first color is the shoe, and the second color is the safety. For example, the Black/Gold selection is a black shoe with a gold safety.

NOTE: Due to the wide variety of colors available, as well as the number of Glock models, most Pyramid Triggers are built to order. It may take up to 10 business days to build, test, and ship your trigger.

Please Note: The Gen 5 Glock 26 uses a different trigger housing than the other Gen 5 models. Please use the trigger housing provided with your gun if installing in a Gen 5 Glock 26.
The heart of the system is our uniquely identified gold trigger bar, coated with Titanium Nitride. This coating is extremely hard, and friction-free, which helps give the Pyramid Trigger a crisp, consistent, and even break … allowing you total control of your speed and accuracy.

The Deluxe Kit also includes our Titanium Coated Safety Plunger, complete Competition Spring Kit and the Double Diamond 3.5 lb. Connector.

As with all of our Pyramid Trigger Systems, you can choose from 36 different trigger/safety color combinations.

Visit the GlockStore YouTube channel for complete, easy-to-follow instructions for both the installation and adjustment procedures. You'll also enjoy “live fire” demonstrations of this indispensable Glock shooting accessory.

Your Pyramid Trigger may need some adjustment to suit your preferences when installing into your gun. For questions on installation, please call GlockStore customer service to speak to an Armorer.

For an even greater level of control and customization, you may want to look at our Pyramid Trigger Ultimate package.

Order Online or Call Toll-Free: 1-800-601-8273
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Love the trigger super smooth and the flat face allows nice snap trigger pulls but only issue why didn’t put 5 stars is my slide sometimes won’t lock to the rear and seems the ambidextrous slide release sticks

gen 5 trigger


great trigger



Just installed the pyramid trigger on my Gen 5 19 along with the 3 lb firing pin spring. Complete night and day for the trigger pull and reset. Install was simple and only took me about 10 minutes. Rated 4 stars because I have not put any rounds through the gun with the new install. I am sure it will be 5 stars when I do shoot it.



Finally dropped this bad boy in my Gen 5 19. Put the 3 lb trigger spring in as well. Holy cow, this trigger is amazing.