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The LOK Double Magazine Pouch

SKU: 3267
The LOK Double Magazine Pouch is the perfect complement to your duty or carry gear!

The pouch is designed to carry your 9mm/.40S&W/.357SIG magazines with virtually any setup, using the included paddle or quick-detach belt platform. 

Tabs on the side of each pouch provide improved retention, keeping your magazines secure in even the toughest situations.

Get the LOK Holster and Double Magazine Pouch in one convenient combo here!

Order online or toll free at (800) 601-8273 today!
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Well Satisfied!


Great product and more than reasonably safe retention. When the mag tension is set correctly, it is almost impossible for a loaded magazine to fall out! The operator needs to have moderate extraction force when removing mags from the holder when set properly. Of course one can set the draw retention to the lightest setting, but then risks losing one or both mags if a hard encounter occurs.