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Front Sight Take Down Tool

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Combines the standard 3/32" takedown punch and Front Sight wrench to make one fabulous tool.
Glock night sights have a tiny little hex screw holding the front sight on and nobody has fingers small enough to reach inside the slide to start the little 3/16" screw. PI Inc. has come up with a clever little tool to do the job. I'm sure you've seen the various screw-starter gadgets that hold small screws by magnetic or spring tension, and this serves a similar purpose.

One end is a standard 3/16" hex driver having what appears to be a piece of green felt that provides just enough grip, coupled with the hex socket, to hold the screw in place long enough go get the threads started. After that, it's a properly sized driver, letting you tighten the screw easily. It would also serve nicely to periodically check the screw to make sure you don't lose that expensive sight.

The tool also has a small 3/32" punch at the other end that will help with pins and such. The Delrin body is nicely knurled for a good grip, but both the punch and nut driver are hardened steel. You may recall some time ago we looked at the company's Universal Sight Tool that would let you push dovetailed front or rear sights without messing them up. This combination tool is the perfect complement.

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Will do the job.


Works as said. Be aware though the old front sight is easy the get out, but it's harder to get a replacement installed. It's that dam tiny screw, no fault of the tool. It will take some time. Side note got this pusher for the rear sights and that went way quicker... https://www.glockstore.com/Sight-Master-Sight-Pusher-Tool