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G17/22/31 Full Size Complete Uppers for Glocks

$450.00 to $500.00
SKU: 6278
Full Size Complete Uppers for Glocks are now available in a variety of calibers and sizes. These are new, factory spec uppers that can be used in a variety of ways:
  1. Replace your existing damaged or worn upper - exact replacement
  2. Switch Calibers - a perfect way to take your Glock 9mm to .40 cal or even .357 - or vice versa! 
  3. Build your Polymer80 Lower - the Glock Gen3 factory slides are an exact match to the Polymer80 lowers (Gen4 slides are not compatible with the Polymer80 lowers)
  4. Available for most Glock models including: 
No FFL required

Want to upgrade your Sights for Low Light and Night use?

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These are new, Full Size Complete Uppers for Glocks that can be used to complete your Full Size Polymer80 Lower into a full handgun. 

You can also convert your Glock 9mm to 40 caliber/.357 SIG or vice versa. Convert your 40 caliber/.357 SIG to 9mm and lots more! In just seconds you can switch the upper half of your Glock with this completely built slide and barrel kit to be able to shoot different calibers. It's fast and it's easy and it makes a lot of sense with the cost of ammo these days. Plus, it gives you the versatility you've always wanted. If your existing slide is damaged or just worn out....this is the perfect replacement. 

Many of our customers are adding Red Dot Optics to this second upper and then have the option to switch between their standard sights and the Red Dot optic slide in just seconds! It's a great idea. Of course, we offer a full selection of Optic Sights and complete gunsmithing service to mill the slide to fit, install and set up the optic all at the same time. Call us or order online using the links above.

Please note: Uppers may only be returned if they are unused and in resellable condition. If the item is defective, ie, does not fuction, we will accept a return within the 30 day period only.

No FFL required...this part can be shipped directly to your home.

Not available for export outside the United States.

Order Online or Call Toll Free: 1-800-601-8273
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Fit perfect and works Great


I bought one of these to finish my P80 build. It fit perfect and really made it very easy to complete the build. The frame needed a little fine tuning to get it to cycle correctly, because I left the rear rails a little thick, but that is not the fault of the slide. I have since finished another P80 in FDE and just move the slide to whichever frame I feel like using. I will buy another one when they are available in FDE, (and I have the $$$). It's stock Glock, how can you go wrong!

Very Nice


Purchased a G22 upper for my Polymer80 frame. The 40 S&W makes perfect sense to me. And... there are optional conversion barrels in 9mm if I would like to shoot a lighter round.

G17 upper


Timely shipping, perfect condition, great customer service!