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GEN 5 Extended Slide Lock

$14.99 to $24.99
SKU: 1201
Precision machined for the Gen 5 Glocks. 

This is NOT STAMPED like most other slide locks on the market.

This allows you to be more accurate shot to shot!

Our GSPC Precision Extended Slide Lock is machined to be thicker and more robust than the factory part and is guaranteed to deliver better accuracy by letting your barrel and slide settle into battery more consistently.

We machine this precision part here in the USA from 416 stainless steel that is hardened to 45 Rockwell. It is slightly longer than the factory part, which makes it easier to grasp when removing the slide for disassembly and cleaning.

Order Online or Call Toll Free: 1-800-601-8273
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Just Enough To Make a Difference


A well machined part that's easily worth the purchase price. The extended length doesn't look like much to your eye, but you can really feel the difference it makes during takedown. For me this extended slide lock is a must have.

Makes Take Down Easy and Fast


This is a great part. It makes removing the the slide hassle free and matter of fact, I watched the GS video on Gen5 disassembly/reassembly and put the extended slide lock lever into my 19X without a lot of trouble (I ordered Black to maintain the stock look of the gun). This is a part you'll want to throw on to your next order - worth every penny.

My Glock 19 gen5 review from Markat


I originally intended this part for my takedown because I'm a medium size man with big man's hands this new takedown really does make a difference makes it soo much easier to takedown and as far for the accuracy of my pistol I have not shot it just yet but just by racking the side it does feel slightly more pinned to the frame I would say this adds a good 10% more accuracy to your glock but hey every little bit counts and I've already got other performance parts for my glock like compensated barrel and steel guide rod this just adds more yes I like it and I would recommend it

Worth it!


Gen5 G19 Easy to install and makes take down much easier and possibly add some color.

Awesome. An Absolute Upgrade from Stock


Now this is what a slide lock should feel like. Does not protrude too far out, but the serrations are a 1000 times easier to lock onto making take down of the weapon faster and smoother. Took a little long to get here but totally worth the wait. I will be ordering one for every Glock I have and every one I intend to build or buy in the future.

Happy camper


I love it. It took me a minute to figure out how to get the old one out of my gen 5 but once I did it took 5 minutes to install. Worth the $ for sure. You won’t be disappointed.