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GS Training Sessions - Defensive Pistol Class

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Mornings 9am-12pm and Afternoons 2pm-5pm

Being prepared and confident in the use of a pistol for home defense is an important aspect of personal safety and security. This course provides training in pistol use for home defense and improves students’ competence and confidence in this context. The training will culminate in an individual home defense scenario that will test students’ ability to employ the techniques learned while experiencing physical & mental stressors.

Course Topics:

Fundamentals of Protective Shooting
1. Safety
2. Review basic gun handling and weapons manipulation
3. Review of basic shooting techniques
4. Proper use of cover
5. Shooting from various positions within a home environment
6. Reloading techniques for home defense

Advanced Protective Shooting Techniques
1. Shooting from behind cover
2. Nonstandard shooting positions
3. Clearing rooms and hallways
4. Multiple target engagements
5. Shooting on the move

Required Equipment:
1. Quality Pistol with major bullet caliber
(9mm, 40.cal, .45 cal)
2. Holster (IWB or OWB)
3. 3 Magazines
4. Magazine pouches (At least 2)
5. 300rds of ammo

Course Outcomes: 
Upon completion of this course, students will have a comprehensive understanding of the use of firearms for home defense situations.

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Great learning experience


Fantastic class!
The staff does a great job of communicating while at the same time challenging you to improve. All while being very positive.
I would definitely recommend this class.
I plan on taking more at the Glock Store and I may take this one again in a year or so just to see how much I retained.