GSX100 Frame

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This is the perfect solution to that worn out Gen3 or older Glock 19 … or a brand new build to make your next handgun your very own design!

The GSX100 is a fully serialized, 100% handgun frame that is sold through FFL dealers.

Gen3 Glock 19 internals and slide assemblies combine with Glock 17 magazines to literally be the best of both the full-size and compact handgun worlds. The GSX100 will also accept the Gen3 Glock 23 or 32 uppers for .40 and .357 builds and conversions.

And yes, this could well be the perfect CCW handgun!

The GSX100 is made from superior quality, glass-filled polymer for a more rigid and stable platform. The sophisticated grip ergonomics and texturing will have you smiling every time you pick it up!

NOTE: Not available in California, Maryland, or Massachusetts.

Does NOT fit Gen4 or 5 slides & parts.
Firearms must be shipped via Fedex Overnight, to your selected FFL. This is a flat rate, $40 charge which includes insurance.

Not available for export outside the United States.

Firearm orders generally require 24-48 hours for processing prior to shipping.

NOTE: FFL required for shipment. If you do not have a dealer in mind we can help you find one in your area. If you do have a dealer selected, please note which FFL will be receiving this item in the Comment box during checkout. Failure to do so could delay your order processing and shipping. If your FFL is not already on file, have them fax a signed copy of their license to 858-569-0505 and include your name and order number on the cover sheet.

Order Online or Call Toll-Free: 1-800-601-8273
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GSX100 Review


So after what seemed like an eternity I finally received my GSX100 lower. I switched over the parts from a Glock 23 that I owned. Everything went together without a hitch, the pins are super tight as well as the locking block. After putting everything together and running a box of ammo through it, I could not be happier with the purchase. The ergonomics are far superior to the Glock 23, which for me was a little small in my hand. The GSX100 frame is the perfect addition to any Glock 19 or 23.

A must have 19 improvement.


Unit needed some assembly rework but very pleased with end results. Glock locking block needed Dremel work to fit properly. A fraction too wide to fit in frame and frame block pin holes alighment slightly off needing
carefull round file work . After full gun assembly ,trigger would not reset on rack. Replaced trigger bar and trigger bar reset spring and trigger stop. Also noted ultra tight fit of trigger bar 90 deg bend on frame near trigger stop possibly hindering reset travel. Did some frame filing to allow slightly more trigger bar mvement. All good works fine. looks great.

Functions 100 percent...


I love mines. I posted many pics on instagram (double.tapper63).
Its kinda like a p80, i had a little bit of dremel cleaning up to do on my frame. The front and rear rails had overgrown polymer on them where the rails meet the frame. U will think your locking block don't fit, but they designed it to fit tight, and the pins as well. These frames a getting spit off an assembly line fast so you may get a perfect one or u may get one that needs a lil love. Cant complain for the price. I fired 400 rounds and functions 100 percent. Next thing i need to see if it fits glock holsters. Also i hope they come up with a kind of p80 jig to make a way that we can drill the hole for a magwell. But i like mines...

Super nice


Locking block and take down pins needed a little coercion, but no need for filing or dremel work. I built a completely new gun with Aim Surplus upper parts kit, Ameriglo sights, Spinta bull nose slide, and a Griffin barrel/ micro compensator. I had enough lower parts laying around to complete. I have less that $500 in a rock solid 9mm. The guys at my local FFL were very impressed and two stated ‘better than a stock Glock frame.’

GSX100 Frame


This is the nicest Glock frame. It is a Glock 19, I love the glock 17 handle it fits my hand so much better. The gun frame is so clean you would be proud to show it to your friends.

GSX-100 Frame is Outstanding


Just completed the GSX-100 frame with Glock 23 slide and Glock 23 lower parts. The frame accepted the OEM Glock 23 parts and was a easy to assemble. I now have a 23x that is perfect for my everyday carry and gives me the magazine capacity of a Glock 22 and extended grip which is perfect for my large hands.

Great frame


I purchased one for my Gen3 Glock19 and will be purchasing one more for my Wife’s G19, I couldn’t be more pleased with it very nice grip I wish Lenny made it in Grey and make a frame plug for it, the one thing I had to do was adjust the trigger bar so I was getting 2/3 to 100% sear to striker lug so the trigger would reset, but it was a very easy fix. I love it.

Great ergonomics - worth the money


Great frame - ergonomics are outstanding. Snug fit but easy lower parts installation. Turned my Gen 3 G19 into my favorite Glock. Like getting two guns for a little extra money - one for carry, one for shooting. Highly recommended. Only improvement I’d suggest is GS updating the mold for lanyard hole + half circle cut in magwell to allow grip plug installation. Maybe this will be version 2.0. Can be accomplished with a little time with the Dremel also.