Glock 20 10mm Gen3 SF

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The Glock 20 in 10mm provides massive firepower. 

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"SF" Short Frame 
The circumference of the receiver is reduced at the rear, or "backstrap" of this pistol model, which will appeal to shooters with smaller hands and offer increased comfort and control to all. 

The Glock 20 in 10mm provides massive firepower. The use of the recoil-damping Glock hi-tech polymer considerably reduces recoil. With muzzle energy of 750 Joule and a magazine capacity of 15 rounds, it is the reliable companion on every hunt. It allows a safe and accurate finishing shot even when hunting big game. 

Standard models come with two 15-round magazines. 
CA/HI/MA/NY models come with two 10-round magazines. 

Length: 7.59 inches 
Height: 5.47 inches 
Width: 1.27 inches 
Barrel Length: 4.60 inches 
Weight: 27.68 oz unloaded 

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Firearms must be shipped via Fedex Overnight, to your selected FFL. This is a flat rate, $40 charge. 

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A real sleeper


I purchased a G20 a year ago from the Glock store and it is a fantastic sidearm for use on my ranch in NW Colorado. I'm fully confident in it's ability to handle any situation that could present itself in this rural area. Recoil and muzzle jump with winchester silver tips is very manageable. For a big game hunter it is a top shelf sidearm.

Bought for bear repellant while trout fishing


I heard this was the best weapon for those bear encounters I've had in increasing numbers since last year's trout fishing.
It is easy to hold and manage, won't point up to the sky after each shot.
Field stripping is kinda hard with the tiny release slides - the magazines are hard to load by hand.
I've since had a retro-fitted release 'bar' installed, making it very much easier to clean it after a day shooting.
I also bought a plastic end-cap for the void in the handle next to where the mag goes in. I hear that dirt can enter the firing mechanism through there - but IDK that for sure yet.
The pistol is very well behaved, tosses the brass a conservative distance away and never at me.
Wear ear protection. This baby's loud!
With a full mag, be sure to shove it hard into the pistol body- it's embarrassing to have the mag fall out. Hopefully - the mag spring will weaken a bit.



This gun is powerful and very accurate.

My Favorite


Have the 20SF.My third Glock and my favorite of 8 handguns. 15 rounds of 10 mm is a lot of firepower.



I bought a G20 GEN 4 about a month ago. I bought it for a low price. Even if I had paid more, I'd still be a HAPPY GLOCK GUY!
I went to the range last week and shot 3 different ammunitions. BLAZER, SIG/SAUER, AND ARMSCOR. All 3 performed with no problems at all. But I'd say I like the ARMSCOR the best.
I fired all FMJ at single and semi-auto fire. The gun worked FLAWLESSLY! OF COURSE, it's a GLOCK!
I have an old G19 from the early 1990's, that is still a GREAT gun. I always carried that, or my RUGER 1911 45ACP when I first bought it.
I think the G20 GEN4 will be my new carry!
I have smaller carry guns 4 carry, but I LIKE MORE POWER! The BOSS, I.E. the WIFE likes the smaller guns anyways. I never want to make her mad enough to shot me; she is a much better shot than me! Her daddy raised her in NRA competitions in the late 50's, and early 60's, and she won a whole bunch of trophies, always beating the guy's! That had to hurt!
Anyway the 20 is a GREAT GUN!

The Big Boy Even The FBI Can't Handle!


I was torn between 10mm vs. .45 ACP. However, after reviewing many ballistics and performance studies, it was no doubt...the G20 wins in all departments: muzzle and target velocity and power, flight trajectory, etc. although ammo is a little pricey, still glad I got this primarily for personal protection but if that black bear shows up in my backyard again he might get a lead shampoo!

My next Glock!


Ive been teetering on the brink of getting one of these for some time. Never thought much of Glocks due to the plastic and lack of a manual safety. But, one in .45acp fell into my lap and it has very much grown on me- quality, ergos, simplicity, and weight considerations. So this will be my very first 10mm, based on my prior experience with Glock... 15 rounds of 10mm should be good for anything Im going to encounter in the southern Rockies I call "home".

Glock 20 GEN 4


I am on my 2nd Glock 10mm and I love it. It does pack a recoil but nothing "uncontrollable". I am not a huge guy but straight out of the box and a little sight tweaking to my tastes (no add-on equip, just stock) and hit my mark every time. GREAT WEAPON!!!

My first gun


Glock 20 4 gen My first gun , loud and strong my home defense special for wild life

Love it


Wonderful, strong reliable as what you'd expect from a Glock.

My first and the best


This was my first gun, and like your first love, it always remains your favorite. In Houston, it's shorts and t-shirt weather nine months of the year and most of the time I usually carry its smaller brother, the Glock 29. But when its cooler and I wear a jacket, I still pack the G20. With 16 rounds of hollow point, I figure I can handle anything that might present itself. If Sasquatch has the poor judgement to show up, the G20 will more than make him regret it. Love this gun.

Home protect


my glock 20 is my weapon to defend my home, without the intention of doing harm but it is the weapon that protects me from wildlife and other intruders
Para protejer tu casa la mejor invercion

Great Gun


I have had a 20C for years and love it!
It’s a great gun to shoot! It also has very good stopping power.
If you can hold it steady when you pull the trigger,you know keep it on target.
Anything in the 100 yard range is dead.

G 20 is the "Bomb"


I have been looking for a more powerful handgun than my 9 MM and .45 ACP. Many recommendations for the 10MM so I used one of my Blue Label certificates and bought the Gen 4 G20.
This firearm is the complete package. It is powerful but manageable. Has awesome power and I would confidently use it for any home or big game protection (i.e. bears). This is my 5th Glock and I love every one of them.
It will be interesting to see what a Gen 5 G20 would add to the mix if Glock ever produces one (of course it will be a new model number).