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9MM (50RD) Drum Magazine for Glocks

$67.46 $89.95
SKU: 2066
50 Round 9mm Drum Magazine for all 9mm Glocks with double stack magazines.

Please Note: DOES NOT FIT Slimline Models (G43/43X/48)

State magazine restrictions apply. Please visit Additional Information below for specific state capacity limits.
Now you can load up on Tuesday and shoot to Wednesday with this 50 round 9mm magazine for your Glock. It will fit and function in all Glock 9mm handguns (except the Glock 43).

This is the new, 3rd Generation of the 50-round 9mm drum magazine, and we have tested them thoroughly — they fit and function flawlessly.

Watch the video as we describe how to load the drum then demonstrate shooting.

I think you'll be impressed, as we were, that this new generation drum magazine works great. They are expensive, but they are very rare, and they may not be around much longer.

This item is not available for export outside of the United States, American Territories, or Possessions and Protectorates.

Due to legal restrictions, these magazines are not available for purchase by civilians in the specific states listed below

LAW ENFORCEMENT PROFESSIONALS: If you live in a state that has magazine capacity restrictions, we can ship High Capacity magazines to your residence or department address upon receipt of your LE credentials and driver's license with address that matches the ship to address.

Order Online or Call Toll-Free: 1-800-601-8273
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Natural recoil reducer.


Made in Korea, the 50 round drum mag works flawless. It weighs more than your think it would when it's fully loaded, but the weight reduces gun rise for around 15-25 shots. Easy to load with the built in levers. Only down sides is that your Glock slide will not lock back on the last shot because of the magazine system and the only way to load it is with the slide locked back. Other than that it saves time on reloading magazines in 15 round capacity while at the range, now you just use one box for one mag.



Good product but DON'T load anymore than 50 rounds in this thing. It will hold 55 but if you load that many it will malfunction. I haven't opened it up but I'm sure it busted the spring. Out of the box I loaded 50 and it functioned flawlessly. 2nd time I lost count and loaded 55. It fired 3 rounds and gun jammed. Removed mag from well and there was no tension at all. Turned it upside down and the rounds began falling out. They advertise 50 for a reason I guess.......Happy Shooting

50 Round Mag.


What no mag pouch for my belt for this one? LOL

great product


mine just came in the mail today. Of course , quick shipping/great customer service and all that. The mag is very cool/very well made. I can tell it's going to be super fun to use !! I can't wait to get some targets out in front of me !!

Hands down the best Glock drum


Drum worked flawlessly. Just ordered two more before they go out of stock! Only con is you’ll need to load more ammo.

Is worth every penny

by -

When I took this 50 round drum to the gun range I mean I could shoot too Monday all the way till Tuesday or Wednesday I love this bad boy and is worth every penny. . . And it holds more I believe 55 but I would not take a chance of doing that it might Jam or something but all I can tell u is this u would be a happy camper believe me

KCI 50rd Drum


Just tried this out at the range!! I used it in a Glock 19 ver5 in a MCK and man was that fun. The drum fed all fifty rounds with no issue and the reload was good. One thing I did before taking it the range was that I loaded and unloaded the drum a few times. I was easier to reload each time. Great product and I plan on getting another one.