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Glock® Factory 'Big Stick' Magazine

$39.95 to $49.95
SKU: 6028

The Glock® Factory Big Stick Magazines are available in 24rd for 9mm and 22rd for .40 caliber.

Please Note: These magazines DO NOT fit G43/43X/48.

This 9mm magazine holds 24 rounds and is a Glock® Factory magazine.

The .40 caliber magazine holds 22 rounds and is a Glock® Factory magazine.

Please note, these High Capacity magazines may NOT be shipped to:
• California
• Colorado
• Hawaii
• Maryland
• Massachusetts
• New York
• New Jersey
• Washington, DC

Not available for export outside the United States

Order Online or Call Toll-Free: 1-800-601-8273
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Sweet Surprise


Bought this for my son and got smiles for days.
It is perfect for just about any use except concealing. He asked for more and so for Christmas both my boys will be HAPPY!

33RD 9mm magazine


I personally own 12 of the 33RD magazines, which I used in my Just Right 9mm Carbine. I have fired over 3,000 rounds using these magazines without any issues.

Great product!!!


I have 4 of the 33 round big sticks.....they run flawless!!

170mm, 24rd 9mm


For those of you wondering, the 24rd 9mm mag JUST makes 170mm for open class USPSA.

Glock Factory Mags are the ONLY WAY TO GO!


I have learned my lesson and when it comes to Glock, I only use Glock factory mags! In other platforms such as my 1911's and AR's I have had no problems with several aftermarket mags but not so with Glock. ALL I have tired failed in one way or the other. The best was from Korea and I do not remember the brand looked just like the Glock, including the metal feed lips. Felt the same and loaded and ran just fine. Then I dropped on on the hard ground loaded and it exploded with rounds all over the place. I have never had the first problem with a Glock factory mag and I have 4 of the 33 rounders which are perfect. You do get what you pay for.

Need 33 rnds


Love Glock mags but why is the .40SW only 22 rnds whereas the 9mm is 33?! Only a 10% difference in rnd size. Please Glock, send me a 33 rounder!

I'm ordering 2 more!


Just received my (2) 33RD magazines and took them out for a test drive. Each performed flawlessly. I shot one with a regular cadence and the second one, cycled through the rounds as quickly as I could pull the trigger. Wow. No issues and after I emptied the magazine, I turned around and my buddy who was filming me, had a huge smile on his face. His response, I've got to get a couple of those!

Indeed a fun stick!


Great magazine (33 rd). Makes going to the range a lot of fun. You can pass a lot of rounds through your pistol in a fairly short amount of time! I now have 4/17 rd mags and 4/33 rd fun sticks, 41 rounds with the mag extension.

Big sticks


They work flawlessly with no jams ordering 2 more. Thanks glockstore.