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Gen3/4 Glock Factory Magazine

$24.99 $29.95
SKU: 6017
$24.99 $29.95

New, Glock Factory Magazines! Available for all Glock handguns.

Factory FitCapacityAlso Fits
17/17L/3417 or 10 Round 9mm19/26
1915 or 10 Round 9mm26
20/4015 or 10 Round 10mm29
21/4113 or 10 Round .45ACP30
22/24/3515 or 10 Round.40 S&W23/27
2313 or 10 Round.40 S&W27
2610 Round 9mm
279 Round .40 S&W
2910 Round 10mm
3010 or 9 Round .45ACP
3115 or 10 Round .357SIG32/33
3213 Round .357SIG33
339 Round .357SIG
366 Round .45ACP
3710 Round .45GAP38/39
388 Round .45GAP39
396 Round .45GAP
426 Round .380 AUTO
436 Round 9mm
43X/4810 Round 9mm

Compatible with all generations.

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Everybody needs magazines. In fact, you can never have enough! These are Glock factory, latest generation handgun magazines. Each are drop drop-free, metal-lined, and brand new. If the magazine is longer than the grip it will protrude from the grip as is the case with the 17 round 9mm if fitted into the G19 or the G26. In this case, we suggest the Magazine Sleeve for better ergonomics and a cleaner appearance.

Please note: Gen 4 magazines must be used in Gen 4 guns only if the magazine release is switched from the left side to the right side (for left-handed shooters). In any other case, all previous generation magazines will fit the Gen 4 and all Gen 4 magazines will fit all Glocks from previous generations.

This item is not available for export outside of the United States, American Territories, or Possessions and Protectorates.

Due to legal restrictions, some capacity magazines are not available for purchase by civilians in the specific states listed below

LAW ENFORCEMENT PROFESSIONALS: If you live in a state that has magazine capacity restrictions, we can ship High Capacity magazines to your residence or department address upon receipt of your LE credentials and driver's license with an address that matches the ship-to address.

Order Online or Call Toll-Free: 1-800-601-8273

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XGrips are awesome!


Soft to the touch but firmly remain in place, and function as advertised. I bought 3 with Model 23 mags to use with my Model 27. Gives my 13 rounds instead of 9, and more grip when I want to ditch the duty 22 for the evening but don't need deep concealment.

One Is Not Enough!


A must have. Get as many as you can before Commiefornia's toxic laws poison the rest of the country and don't waste $ on cheap knockoffs; your life pe,is worth more tha. Saving a few bucks!



Fits perfect! I had no problems when I used them for my Glock 34 Gen 3

Will these fit gen 5


will the 15rd 40s&w magazine fit a glock 27 gen 5

Factory mags


I bought 2 17rd mags to go with my Glock 19 and Its a stock mag, works great. I picked up some x-grips to slide on them as well.

Perfect products


19x Magazine is perfect, shipping was fast. Highly recommend.

G 30sl 9(nine) round magazine


I am so pleased with this Magazine. The length of the base plate makes it possible to get a firm grip on the weapon. I have smaller hands, and this is a BIG gun. (.45acp) My grip is solid with all fingers on the grip. All magazines for the G-30sl have this extension and it is wonderful

as expected factory mags


great factory mags and quick shipping.