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Glock Performance Trigger

SKU: 6772

The GLOCK® Performance Trigger delivers enhanced trigger pull qualities and ergonomics utilizing a newly designed flat-faced trigger. The GLOCK® Performance Trigger provides better trigger control, resulting in improved shootability and accuracy while maintaining the safety features of the GLOCK Safe Action® System.

Compatible Pistol Models

The GLOCK Performance Trigger is compatible with the following 9x19 models: 

  • G17 Gen5
  • G19 Gen5
  • G19X
  • G26 Gen5
  • G34 Gen5
  • G45
  • G47

We also highly recommend the Enhanced Trigger Assembly Tool....
it will save you time and frustration putting the new Glock Enhanced Trigger back together!
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Worth the money!


This trigger is amazing! This is the best 100.00 I have ever spent on any of our Glocks! I had the Glockstore install this on my G19x and and will be purchasing another one for my wife’s G45! ….no disappointments here!!

Very nice upgrade!


I had the Glock Store install this on my G19x, and this is by far the best 100.00 dollars I have spent on any of our Glocks!! I will be buying more of these!! All Glocks should come with this trigger!

I'm A Believer!


I was skeptical of this GPT for several weeks, then I decided to buy one and try it for myself. I'm glad I did; this GPT is nothing short of amazing.

Installation was a breeze. Anyone who has ever broken down a Glock and put it back can install this trigger. I installed one in my Gen 5 G17 MOS. I shoot this Glock in Glock MOS Division in GSSF. After I installed it, I did about 100 reps of dry fire. I measured the tripper pull with my Lyman electronic trigger pull scale. The trigger pull averaged out to about 3.12#.

The trigger has minimal take up, and once "the wall" is hit, just a small amount of pressure is needed to complete the trigger pull. The reset is short, crisp, and audible.

Additionally.....I ordered two GPT from Lenny Magill's GlockStore on Monday, 5-15, and received my order Thursday, 5-18. PHENOMENAL service, GlockStore.....absolutely phenomenal!

I will be back for more GPTs!

Glock upgrade Perfection


Thank you GlockStore for your fast service and selection of products . I watched Linney install this product online , total time for me was less than 10 minutes in a Gen 5 model 19. The Trigger is fantastic it states 4lb's but mine is breaking at 3.5 lbs. ( I have 2 coils cut off of striker spring) which I do not recommend but it is something I have done for years . Performance of this new trigger is flawless. I would recommend this product to anyone who wants a better trigger in their Glock Gen 5

Quality upgrade.


Love Glocks, but my only complaint is the stock trigger. I tried the Timney Alpha but had way too many soft-strikes. Took that out and went with the Glock performance trigger. It is fantastic! Feels great and works. I’ve probably put 2-3k of various types of ammo through the gun and haven’t had a single malfunction. This trigger is in a duty gun so reliability is a major factor. I have no doubts with this trigger. If you are considering buying it, just do it. Other than good optics, this is probably the best upgrade you can make.

Don't hesitate!


Great trigger, especially for the price! Immediately notice a huge difference on first trigger pull. Installed on my 19x in less then 5 mins and ready for the range. Now just wish there was one for my gen 5 G20 😁

Performance trigger


Had gunsmith install the trigger on my G-19, gen 5. The trigger far exceeded my expectation.


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Much improved over the crappy stock trigger. The price point is good for an entire trigger assembly. It's not a competition trigger but good for a defensive pistol.

Buy it!


Fantastic upgrade to my Gen5 Mod45. Clean, crisp and tightened my groups up considerably. Well worth the money.

A must have for your Glock!

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Definitely worth the upgrade. Has made a significant improvement in firing and comfort. I know this might sound like an overstatement but, its not trust me.

Great Upgrade


Very pleased with this purchase. It’s smooth and you clearly know when it hits the wall before firing.
I also noticed that now after shooting I don’t have a trigger blister like before. That alone made it worth buying.



Don't forget to purchase the assembly tool for this trigger. It will save you a lot of time and headaches.