Glock Torture Video

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Will the Glock Survive???
The Glock pistol is the most successful line of handguns introduced in the past 35 years. But, is it a magic gun? Does its reputation as the most reliable gun available live up to real life tests? We put a brand new Glock 17 through torture to find out. We froze it in a solid block of ice for 10 days! We threw it 25 feet in the air. We dropped it, we kicked it, and we even tumbled it across the ground. Then we buried this G17 in gritty, sandy dirt and dug it up. Next, we put it in the mud and swirled it around. Finally, we field stripped and degreased it with a chemical solvent. After each of these situations we tested the gun with repeated, rapid fire drills.

How do you think the Glock performed? Did it survive and shoot as advertised?? I think you'll be surprised!

Find out for sure in this exciting video from Lenny Magill Productions.

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