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Gun Butter Needle Oiler 1/4 fl. oz. Pen

SKU: 8011
Gun Butter Pen oiler 1/4 oz option of Gun Butter
New Pen Oiler, 1/4 oz option of Gun Butter now available.

Gun Butter is an exotic blend of the finest lubricants available today. Specifically designed for:

1. Break-in protection and durability.

2. Clingability (film strength) to maintain its placement.

3. And enhanced lubricity to allow superior performance in all weather extremes;

A) Heat - will not burn up in a jet engine.

B) Cold - unabated in freezing conditions

C) Wet - stays intact during pouring rain

D) Dry - repels dust and airborne sand

4. Consistency in all weather extremes

Needle oiler for precision application

Not a grease, it's an oil.

Order Online or Call Toll Free: 1-800-601-8273

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A must have item!


Great oiler, very precise, works great!

Best thing since ice


5 stars are too few , I would rate this 10 stars if I could.
It's not just for Glocks, it's good for any and all firearms or anything that needs lubricating.