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Home Theater Laser Practice Gaming Center

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Home Theater Laser Experience

As most of you know, I'm big on laser fire practice. The skills you develop at home shooting our Reset Trigger with Laser can be directly applied to live fire. It's a fantastic way to get many repetitions and trigger time without driving to the range and spending money on ammo. Over the years, my Reset Trigger and laser have paid for themselves many times over, and I've got lots of videos online to prove it. Now, here's a way to take this laser training to the next level — putting a gaming concept along with a variety of courses of fire to not only train you but to challenge your skill level and give you instant feedback on how you are progressing.

The Home Theater Laser Experience is a turn-key unit that includes a High Definition Short Throw projector that provides exceptional video quality in 1080P HD. The project can be placed in any room just 18" from the wall to project a large 7-foot screen that displays a variety of courses of fire including Practical Shooting stages and the very popular Steel Challenge match. As you shoot the integrated hit detection camera automatically scores your stage and allows you to complete against others and yourself!

This system is designed to increase your proficiency, confidence, skill level, and speed as you are able to practice more often and with greater emphasis on fundamentals! I encourage you to watch the training video that I've put together to showcase this system. You will be amazed at how easy and simple it is to set up and operate and how much fun it is to train and compete with your family and friends.

Comes with everything you need including the simulated Glock with integrated IR laser … so you can set it up and start training right away.

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