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World's Fastest Fingerprint Gun Lock!

Lightweight, Secure, & Portable
It's known as the World's Fastest, Most Reliable trigger lock activated by fingerprint technology… and I'm here to say they are right! Touch it and in 300 milliseconds it opens… basically in the same time it takes to blink your eyes!! I was certainly impressed but to be honest I'm aways a bit skeptical about electronic devices on my handgun so I invite you to watch the video so you get a true understanding as to how valuable this trigger lock will be.

The Identilock allows you to keep a handgun readily available yet locked and unable to fire unless you have your fingerprint encoded in the conveniently placed touch pad. For daily living, this unit prevents children, guests, or intruders from discharging the handgun… so you can safely put it in a drawer, behind a cushion, under a desk, in your nightstand, in your glove box… anywhere that is fast and easy to get to. Therefore, in a crisis, you can access the handgun faster and with confidence… knowing that only you can open the lock and make the gun fully operational. 

And that's the key, because the Identilock prevents the gun from being fired… you can store it in places that are fast and convenient to access but otherwise would be too risky for the fear of the wrong person accidentally discovering the gun.

• Weighs less than 12 oz. and is about the size of a wallet 3.5" x 4.25"
• Easily programmed for three different fingertips
• USB Charging battery lasts up to 6 months between charge
• Key Override can be unlocked with mechanical key
• Speed - fastest fingerprint activated handgun lock available
• Watch the video online
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    The best trigger lock- by far!


    I was looking for a product to keep my daughters hands off my gun but keep it as ready as possible. This thing is fast! Others have had concerns about the fingerprint reader. No need! It works every time for me.

    A Good Investment


    Purchased this a few months back and use it everyday, Have yet to charge it, can hold a charge for up to six months, plugs into a cell phone charger when needed, I suggest watching videos on it before you buy, weigh the pros and cons for yourself. It is a very fast split second release. Biggest con for me was to make absolutely sure your print is clean and no lotion, or gunk is on your finger as it will most likely not recognize your finger. Haven't had an issue with it yet, but I usually try and rub my finger off quickly before I attempt. ALSO this will only truly work for full size Glocks, while my G42 can fit in there, it wiggles around way to much and doesn't keep the gun snug like it would with a full size Glock.

    An excellent product that improves controlled accessibility to a firearm close at hand.


    An excellent product, works exactly as described. With the possibility of laws changing regarding how we must keep guns locked in the home, this product will allow us to keep a weapon close at hand, fully loaded, and fully accessible only to a matching fingerprint.