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Lasermax Guide Rod Laser for G43 - Red

SKU: 2211
World's Best Internal Laser Sight and Now Available for G43!

Also fits G43X and G48!
If you want the advantages of a Laser sight without the extra bulk of a clip on laser, take a closer look at LaserMax, the world's only totally internal laser sight. LaserMax increases accuracy and can improve aiming speeds. Its patented design allows you to drop it into place, replacing the original recoil spring guide rod. LaserMax installs easily by simply field stripping your handgun and replacing the factory guide rod assembly with the LaserMax. Everything you need is included! The laser beam itself actually pulsates which increases its visibility. This is the state-of-the-art in handgun laser sighting systems. No modifications are necessary to your handgun. It installs in minutes, and it fits in all standard holsters.

This is the top choice of major law enforcement agencies. The LaserMax Sight is activated by pressing a manual switch located on the replacement take down latch. Simply replace the factory slide lock lever (take down lever) with the supplied lever and it works as an on/off switch by simply pressing it in with your trigger finger. It will stay on until you press it back to the off position once you have finished shooting.

Please read before calling:
LaserMax spring weights are identical to Glock factory standards. Springs are currently not interchangeable for different weights.

Not available for export outside the United States.

Order Online or Call Toll-Free: 1-800-601-8273
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Go and buy it.


I just got mine for my Glock G 43. The red laser. I Install it . It took around 5 m. It works great on the money. It came with battery install. I love it. It out of your way. It in side . Not on the out side. A 10

Yes it fits


Just installed a LaserMax guide rod sight on my SS-80 Glock clone. Installation was 5 minutes as previously stated and based on function test at dinning room table, I have no reason to believe it will not go bang at the range. Hope this helps, as I could find no one that said this would work on the SS-80. Love the SS-80 by the way.

It really IS incredible. And incredibly easy to install.


This was the first accessory/modification I bought for a new G43 about a year ago now. Almost a WTH purchase as I hadn’t used lasers before on a pistol, but my first range trip proved to me that ALL my handguns need this. Being a full-on direct replacement for the stock guide rod & spring, installation was very easy - you just pop the guide rod in, and the switch directly replaces the take down lever as well.

What amazed me though is how accurate this is. There aren’t any adjustment capabilities, so it points the laser directly from just below the bore, but at 7, 15, and 25 yard targets, as we used to say, it was dead nuts accurate. Groupings inside a $.50 piece. Outdoors I was able to get 50 yard groups within 3-4 inches.

What began as a “well let’s see what we think” purchase quickly became something I rely on & couldn’t recommend more highly. My ONLY regret is that there weren’t any models with a green laser available at the time.

Bottom Line - This was a great purchase!

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After 6 month's of use it is still nice and bright and still fairly accurate. It is still dead on target's that are under 20 yards. For my gun it is off further than 25 yards. When I compare to a bore site, the Lasermax is off left and down. Which is no big deal since I would be hard pressed to shoot a pistol that far. The fact that I did not need a special holster is great. Turning it on is very easy - great buy!