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Level III Bullet Resistant Hard Plate

$199.95 to $249.95
SKU: 8604
These are our most powerful protection plates! 

These NIJ Level III plates are capable of stopping most small arms bullets, including the 5.56/.223 rounds used by most AR-15 style rifles.

While designed to be used in extreme duty body armor, these plates will fit in most adult sized backpacks. 

We offer these panels in 10" x 12" "shooter cut" and in an 11" x 14" rectangle shape.

The 10" x 12" panel weighs approximately 3.5 lbs., the 11" x 14" weighs approximately 4.5 lbs. and they are both .8" thick. 

  • Made with UHMWPE fabrics and special pressing techniques to create lighter plate. 
  • NIJ Level III bullet resistant level 
  • User-friendly design fits to the body curve and maximizes safety.
  • Flexible rims on the edge increase comfort and ensure unrestricted physical activities. 
  • Rugged, reliable, and stress fracture resistant.
  • Fully sealed to protect against liquids, chemicals, and harsh elements.
  • Maintenance free.

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