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Merlin Fanny Pack Holster

SKU: 3000
Our new Merlin nylon fanny pack does not look like it could carry a full size gun, and that’s the point — it does not scream "gun" to the world! Its small profile will fool even the most savvy concealed carry enthusiast. The shape of the main pack looks like it could carry a wallet, passport, and other personal effects ... but not a gun. And, that’s what makes the Merlin so effective. Don’t settle for an ordinary fanny pack for your weapon.
The Merlin can conceal a 6" barrel gun in what appears to be just a 5" x 6" pouch! There’s even room for a back-up gun, speed loader, or magazine. The Merlin’s patent-pending design uses unique bellows that accommodate most large frame handguns and makes small frame models virtually disappear. An outer pocket provides plenty of room for accessories, while a quick zip opening device provides quick ambidextrous access. The quick-release buckles and adjustable belt fits waist sizes up to 55.

• Can conceal a pistol with up to a 6" barrel
• Durable, wear-resistant nylon
• Belt adjustable up to 55"
• Additional storage for magazines, speed loaders, etc.

Order Online or Call Toll-Free: 1-800-601-8273
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My wife loves her Merlin.


I am Carla, Jim’s wife. I have been struggling with finding a comfortable way to conceal carry my Glock 43X. I have tried various holsters and none either felt comfortable nor concealed very well. Jim found the Merlin fanny pack holster and thought it might be worth a try.
The ordering process was a struggle. It was unclear what size I should order, when we contacted customer service, the representative didn’t seem familiar with my 43X and suggested buying both the small and large, then return what we didn’t use. We decided to order the small one.
My first impression when I opened the packaging was how well made the fanny pack was. And above all, it doesn’t look like a gun would fit inside. This makes carry concealed comfortable and no one is the wiser. I love that!
Now for the fit of the 43X. The small size is at the max limit for carrying this handgun. The barrel fits perfectly. With the handgrip being a little longer and thicker, the zippers barely closed over the rear sights.