Micro RONI Stabilizer

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Wow — the Micro Roni Stabilizer is Awesome!

Improves single handed shooting performance with the folding stabilizing brace.

Fits Glock 17/22/31, Gen3 and Gen4 (with bottom Picatinny rail)

NOTICE: A ruling by the ATF as of January 31, 2023, states that if you place a handgun into the Micro RONI, the handgun must be registered as an SBR using Form 1 found on the ATF website here:

NOTICE: The Micro RONI Stabilizer is not legal for sale in California.

Please Note: The Micro RONI Stabilizer is not eligible for discount.
The RONI is well known worldwide as a way to turn your Glock handgun into a carbine or short barreled rifle.

This new RONI Stabilizer allows you to take advantage of the performance without registering the unit as a short barreled rifle.

That's right, with the Stabilizer units there is no paperwork necessary to install and shoot your Glock in the RONI device. The RONI reduces recoil significantly and allows for much better accuracy and faster speeds. We encourage you to watch the video for installation and shooting instruction.

For the complete Micro Roni Stabilizer experience, check out the accessory kit here
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lots of fun to shoot.


Durable and rugged. this housing is put together well with quality materials. no flimsy spots on it anywhere. it is rock solid. fits my glock 17 like a glove. once it's locked in there is no play or wiggle room whatsoever.

Only downside, is the slide lock release. The plastic tab on the inside that manipulates the slide lever needs to be tightened down (2 allen wrench screws) to minimize movement/play. Seems to work better now however, it requires a VERY firm push. Not something you can do or reach with your shooting hand. I can see it being a pain in the ass for left handed shooters.

Overall, it's a solid chassis and it's fun to shoot.

Best accessory for you Glock!


What a way to make my Glock 17 a (somewhat) mini carbine! I used some spare Magpul BUS sights (from my AR-15) and it fits perfect on the picatinney rails. Everything worked flawlessly. Talk about improving your grouping! I was shooting 1 - 2 inch groups at 15 yards at the range. This was all because we can now SHOULDER the RONI stabilizer. This thing is a lot of fun. If you need to bring your Glock new life and a whole bunch of new fun...you can't beat this.

PS: I have the Double Diamond Barrel as well as stock and both worked fine. This is a MUST accessory for your Glock!

Brings new life to your Glock


1st off, I want to thank Lenny Magill for taking care of the snafu on the mix up with the Micro Roni Stabilizer (MRS). It was taken care of by CAA very quickly. Again, the customer service of the Glockstore is 2nd to none.

Now to the MRS. Talk about fun! It brings new life to your Glock! I have the Glock 17 and when you put the MRS on you feel like you have a mini-carbine. I tried the MRS with the DD Barrel as well as the stock barrel and had no issues. It shot fine with 115 GRN ball ammo but liked the 124 GRN ball ammo better. BTW, at my indoor range I go to, you can rapid fire on certain days with filling out the proper forms. Talk about fun with the MRS. But either way; if you want add new life to your Glock..get this! Fun Fun Fun!

Micro Roni for Glock 17


My Glock 17 looked boring until I put it in the Micro Roni. Now it looks badass and futuristic! I also like how simple it is to install and and how I have more control of my aim.

Great Invention


If you've been taught how to use a sub-gun (different than a carbine/rifle), then the RONI systems will really provide a lot of range fun . This top quality device truly transforms the standard Glock into a different type of weapon platform. In short, it allows the shooter to hold the gun on target when firing rapidly in a more effective manner than with a two handed grip on a regular handgun--especially if you get some basic sub-gun training. Totally impressed.

Doesnt fit Gen 4, 19 with large backstrap.


This is a cool item, good quality and the fit is excellent. The only reason I'm giving it 4 stars is because my Glock 19 doesn't fit with the thickest backstrap on it.
I have large hands so I put the largest backstrap on my 19 and I like the way it fits me. I have to take the backstrap off in order for it to fit the Roni. So I cant just go from holster to Roni.