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Kydex IWB Holster for Slimline Glocks w/ NightStick Weapon Light

SKU: 1261

Made of durable Kydex and molded for Glock 43/43X handguns using the Nightstick Sub-Compact Weapon Light, this holster is a perfect fit designed for concealed carry with retention you can trust! 

This holster is made with a very strong belt clip that is easy to put on or off. It is designed to be worn IWB by simply tucking your holster inside the waistband, while placing the clip over your belt.

Does NOT include Nightstick Sub-Compact Weapon Light. 

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Perfect Holster for the Nightstick Light


I picked up this holster and the light combo (I would recommend getting the combo if you are looking at the Nightstick light since it will save you a few bucks). The holster so far is great. It holds the firearm and light nice and snug. There was no looseness or wiggle room yet when you need to draw it comes out nice and smooth. I have found that if you don't put it in directly straight it can start to pull the slide back, but that is just going to take some practice. Still easy to conceal with a light.

IWB Kydex G43XMOS + NightStick + Holosun


This would get a 5 star if it shipped with a claw.
I bought one of these after trying an Aliengear IWB. The 2 belt clip style just did not feel right for me. It is slim and retains well. For $60+$10 shipping, it should come with a claw (or optional) to get it to tuck in so plan on another $10-$15 if you need to tuck in the grip. It has been a few months since purchase but I think I had to trim it a bit to get the Holosun HE507K-GR X2 to fit. I carry in a fanny pack or small of the back as I am too large for an appendix carry so I may try a left handed model to see if that draw can work better. I have already spent $500 on other holster options but this one may become the EDC of choice.