Perfect Magazine Pouch

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Functional, Easy to wear, low cost!

Heavy duty clip, slips over your belt or waistband. Can be worn as a belt clip or IWB

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I've looked high and low for a fully functional, easy to use, cost effective single magazine holster for several years. In fact, this is one of the most frequent questions I hear at our local Gun Shows and on the telephone.

So, I set out to build the Perfect Magazine Holster and, I must say, I think I've nailed it!

First, it is very functional ... locking the magazine in place with just enough tension to provide security when running, jumping, or tussling around with a bad guy, but not too much so as to prevent a very nice draw.

Second, it's very easy to use ... in fact, it can easily be used as a belt clip or IWB (inside the waistband). The clip is very easy to slip over your belt, large enough to hold securely, and small enough to be discreet when using it as an IWB option.

Third, perhaps most importantly, it's inexpensive. It's such a great value and such a useful item that you really can't resist adding this, The Perfect Magazine Holster, to your order!

Available for many popular handgun magazines including:
• Glock 9mm/40 cal/.357
• Glock 10mm / .45ACP
• Glock 9mm Single Stack G43
• Glock .380 Single Stack G42

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Perfect Magazine Pouch


Excellent mix between quality and affordability! Fits the magazine perfectly (Glock 27), and is comfortable to wear. Well worth it!

Great Mag Holder


Love this mag holder. Secures very well to belt. Hangs on to Magazine without being too tight.

Just as the title says...perfect


Excellent and great value. I got for a Glock 48. Very pleased!

Thumbs up!


Nice little magazine carrier, great price! The 1.5’ belt clip didn’t fit my 1.75’ belt. Easily remedied by replacing the 1.5’ with a 1.75’ belt clip. GlockStore always delivers!

Perfect for my Glock


Just got mine today. Fits the magazine perfectly for my Glock 43X, and its comfortable to wear. It holds the magazine really well and tight. I don't have to worry about it falling out.

Really is the perfect mag holster


This really is the perfect magazine holster. The mag is held in nicely and holster does not move when drawing the mag out. I looked at many different versions of this type of holster and this was the only one I found that was completely covered at the bottom making it impossible for a round to fall out. Bought one for two different carry guns and they both work and feel perfect. If buying for a Glock 43x/48 and use the Shield Arms 15 round mags, they will fit in loosely but wont "click" in like the stock Glock mags do.