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  • +2 Extended Base Plate for G26/27/33

+2 Extended Base Plate for G26/27/33

SKU: 2546

+2 magazine extension for Glock 26, also provides extra capacity for the G27 and G33 (+1) 

Provides a better grip — better accuracy

Please Note: Does not work with Gen5 frames.

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Only +1 for G27 and I wasn’t aware.


The fit and finish on the extension is awesome, I actually really like it overall. BUT... I ordered this for my G27, and it says +2 mag extension plain as day, but it’s actually only a +1 on the 27. After reading the “fine print” in the description it does say +1 on the G27. That makes sense because the G26 is 9mm and the 27 is .40. I wish they would change the posting title. So be aware if you are buying this for a 27 or a 33 it only adds 1.



Fits perfect, the overall look is sleek and is a great little addition for anyone with a glock 26. Fits +2 and easy to install.

Search is over.


Anyone who ever owed a G26 with an extension knows about the pinch you get on your pinkie finger when firing! Went well over 2000 rounds without a pinch! Very impressive! If your looking for an extension with that full grip feel, look no further. I’ve tried pretty much every extension for the G26. This IS the best, most comfortable, no bulk extension out in the market.

Feels great for those with big hands


Install was a little tricky but certainly doable. The look and fitment is great, makes the gun feel very comfortable in hand.

A good upgrade


Works great. Much better grip on the G27. Able to get +2 (for 11 total in mag.) Not sure about cutting tabs off the mag, but watched the video included on the instructions and they recommended, so did; but not sure it makes much of a difference.

2 Thumbs way up


Just converted 3 standard G26 magazines with this product. First one was a little tricky with the learning curve but by the 3rd it was a breeze. The feel of the grip with the extension improved dramatically as well as the look. I think the red is bad ass but any of the colors are an eye catcher. Highly recommend if you have the standard mags.