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FAB Defense +3 Extension for G43

$24.95 to $49.99
SKU: 2624

This fantastic new extension for the Glock 43 is a must have for anyone looking to add both capacity and grip length to their firearm!

• +3 Round Capacity (for a total of 10 rounds in the magazine!)
• Additional length and contoured finger indents for a full, firm grip.
• Fiberglass reinforced polymer construction.

Please note: This product is not compatible with the frame insert (sku: 2157)

Please note: Does not fit the Glock 43X or 48.

Order Online or Call Toll-Free Today at 800-601-8273

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How I fixed the tight last round in extended magazines. The factory follower
has a wide lip around the bottom that will hangup the spring when using exteded
magazine. After I filed a 60 degree angle around the lip toward the inside of
the follower, it allowed the spring to slide into place so not to hangup. This
worked well with the E.M.P + 2 ENHANCED MAGAZINE PLATE. So when the last round
is insereted there should be a spring downward of about 1/16 to 1/8th when done.
I hope this helped, it worked great for 3 of my magazines. A must buy for extra 2 rounds.



On my last review of the plus 4 extension for G43 it should have read GREAT BUY FOR 4 EXTRA ROUNDS. And I can load all 10 rounds by hand, no problem but it does need the 60 degree angle on the bottom of the Glock follower, Great extra grip and well designed extension. YOU CAN'T GO WRONG.

Highly recommend


Works perfect, put 300 round no issues

The Glock 43 4 rounds extended mags are a must have.


I ordered 2 extended Mags for the Glock 43. Their service and shipping very top of the line.. I love
these mags. They look great and adds 4 more rounds to my Glock 43. This was very easy to
do and now makes the Glock 43 much more efficient.
Happy customer,
Dave Logan

Really a +3


Great look and feel, Really a +3 tho, I ordered two of them. One of em I had it +4 spring was having issues, other one just couldn't get the 4th in there. But still happy.

10 round wont load


Same issue...even when I forced the 10th round it would not go in the gun all the way...so for now it is a plus three...like the grip extension...hoping with time the spring will loosen and maybe the 10th round will go in

Tight 11th round!


I purchased a +4 extension with included magazine, and two +4 extensions to mod my current magazines. The follower in the factory assembled +4 magazines was different and allowed for a 10th round. The +4 extensions I installed myself would only allow 9 rounds. I was able to file down one of the followers enough to allow a 10th round, but this fix felt lame; and unsatisfying. The best fix I found was to order the G43 +1 spring and follower kit from Magguts. This worked better than filing down the follower, and allowed for a tight 11th round! That's right, a G43 that can hold 12 rounds with one in the tube!



Not really +4. +3 works perfect. Load that last round and it distorts the lips on the mag and will only load with the slide open. So 9+1 would be a more apt description. Fine for a backup mag, maybe even loaded to 10 rounds. I bought these attached to the mag already and used a loader. So they should be put together right, since I received them built. I also got the last round in it, but it was clearly fatiguing the housing doing so. Still worth it, but lost a star because of the marginal advertising.

+3 not +4


Definitely not a +4 extension. Was only able to get 3 rounds in. But overall it works and functions properly. Gives a nice extra grip as well.

+3 magazine not +4


As stated in previous reviews more like a +3 magazine extension. If you load 10 rounds into the clip it will not go into the chamber without having the gun slide back also 10th round is really tight in there. I see no issue with the filing down the follower, but should be able to hold four without making any adjustments as per advertised.

Definitely a +3 round extension, +4???


After several times pulling apart/putting the pieces back together, I could only load 9 rounds successfully. The 10th would not fit correctly. Is there something that needs to be done differently?Great fit in the hand! 4 stars so far

BEEFD UP MY G43 10+1


Idk what everyone is talking about +3 I’ve bought 4 of these +4 base plates and I’ve had no issues what so ever, I can load 10 rounds no problem. But this is exactly what the G43 needed. So now my G43 holds 10+1. Thank you guys I had to put it on every one of my Glock mags

Nice +3 mag extension, but not a +4!


OK, it’s a very nice +3 Mag extension, but there’s no way that 10th round is going in on either of the 2 I bought, both pre-assembled. I filed the lip of the follower as other reviewers suggested, but it didn’t help. Oh well, as I said, it’s a nice +3 extension, but I was hoping for a +4!

Excellent Purchase


Great addition to my 43. The extension is everything I needed and a little extra. I ordered one at first to try it out, but I’ve ordered one for each of my 43 magazines now. The tenth round is tight but that’s to be expected. Just grabbed a Lula loader to help with that when out at the range. If you’re on the fence about getting one, just get two.

Great mag extension.


This is definitely a plus 3 mag. I fired it today and I have absolutely no complaints. My Glock 43 now handels like a Glock 43X. I carry off body most of the time so the added length is not a factor. The increased grip length is has increased my accuracy with the weapon and I could not be happier. Good work Glock Store.