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Polymer Mag Well for Glocks

$29.95 to $49.95
SKU: 2161
Improves grip and shooting performance. 

Lightweight, low-cost, polymer mag well fits Gen 1, 2, 3!

PLEASE NOTE: Does not fit Gen 3 SF Frames.
This innovative Mag Well helps you with magazine changes but does one other important thing, it helps put your hand in the right shooting grip each and every time you pick up the pistol. 

We've taken the time to develop a magwell that is just the right size and accepts all of the magazine extensions on the market. Other Magazine Wells on the market are too small, too big or they only accept certain mag extensions. We took the input from our shooters and our customers and designed a magwell that fits most shooter's needs. 

We have two types available, depending on your Glock model. 

One is made from aircraft grade aluminum and measures .60 inches in height. It is anodized black and is available for 10mm and .45 cal Glocks. 

The other is a black polymer magwell, at a substantially lower price. It is available for 9mm and .40 caliber Glocks… in both full and mid-size guns, G17/22/31 and the G19/23/32. 

It matches perfectly with your Glock and is guaranteed to improve your grip and, hence, your shooting!

Order Online or Call Toll Free: 1-800-601-8273
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Ratings & Reviews

10 reviews



I have dived deep into the aftermarket/modified world of firearms. I am happy to say that this site has contributed some fun projects of mine. Including this polymer mag well. It's easy to install and retains its position even when I really pulled on it for a great price. It fits nicely even when concealing with my Glock 17 but only with some baggy shirts. For those that are experimenting with drop mag and reload practice it's a great start.



Great magwell for a great price. Pieces are well made and fit into the Glock 19. The Magwell really helps fix my grip on the gun.

Thanks so much!

Works with polymer 80!!!


Two thumbs up!!!! best $30 I have spent. I was worried that it wouldn't fit on my poly 80 builds, fits like a glove!

Easy Install!


The installation of this mag well was super easy. Product arrived timely, and fits my G17 perfectly, and I have definitely noticed an improvement in my grip. Great product at great price.

Fits Poly 80 V 2 but you have to file the plug


It fits the Poly 80 V2 but you have to file the plug a good deal to insert it high enough to install the mag well as high as possible. Once this is done, the Magpul 10 rounds magazine (mandatory in CA) moves up and down without problems, which is good. There are not visible gaps between the mag well and the grip once installed.

Works good lasts a long time.


Absolutely wonderful. Great price, installation takes about 4 minutes, but he best part about this mag well is that it forces me to grip up high and tight. It's a winner.

Ok for a P80 build


I installed this on a P80 G17 build. Once it was installed, it worked pretty well, but it did not work great right out of the box. When trying to get it to fit into the hole by the back strap, I realized that the fit was so tight that to force it would have meant cracking the pistol frame. I did verify that the correct size was purchased, and I figured that this was just due to the P80 frame?

What I did to fix the issue was sand down the polymer insert that installs into the backstrap that you then screw the mag well into. I did have to take a considerable amount of plastic off that piece to get it to install properly, but at the end of the day, it did install, it works well, and I do like the product for the $30 I spent. Four stars.



Totally comfortable and allows for improved grip for better control of the weapon. Best $29.95 I’ve ever spent. Far better than the $80 Dawson on my Gen 5/19. If only this would fit my Gen 5/19.

Works well once you custom fit it


Before installing this magwell, all my Glock factory mags dropped free when I hit the mag release button. I installed this magwell and when I tested it, only two of the ten mags I have dropped free with a little coaxing. The other 8 would only come out halfway. I removed the magwell, and, again, all ten mags dropped free. Long story short, I found that when installed, the magwell was slightly squeezing the edges of the opening in the grip, causing drag on the magazines. I filed the inside edges of the magwell a little at a time, and then all my mags dropped free. Once installed, it looks nice and now works as it should. 3 stars due to me having to fit it.

A must for the compact size Glocks


I put these magwells on my 19 and 23 GEN 4s .Could not believe the difference . Much more confortable/stable grip. This is something that Glock should make standard (maybe on the GEN 6 ?)