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Polymer80 V2 Textured Full Size Lower

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--- Pending U.S Legislation seeks to effectively outlaw the building of 80% Lowers. For more information, click HERE to read the proposed bill. ---

Here's the brand new V2 version of the Full-Sized Polymer 80, the build your own, 80% Lower that you complete with Glock parts. 

The NEW Polymer80 V2 Full Size 80% Lower is now better than ever. This 2.0 version is not only new and improved… it's even easier to complete! It's available in 5 different colors. 

Based on the customer feedback and success of the Compact Polymer80, the new Full Size V2 (version 2) model incorporates the same extremely popular grip shape and texture along with the rock solid rear rail system. Both of these improvements elevate this new Full Size V2 to another level of reliability. It's also much easier to complete than the previous model.

As with all Polymer80 Lowers, there is no serial number, no FFL required, and no registration needed!* Click Here to check out our blog to learn about the legality of building your own firearm! 

Compatible with parts designed for Gen3 Glock 17, 22, and 31 as well as the G34 and G35 platforms, the new V2 version includes:
  • New Texture and Frame Style
  • Double Trigger Guard Undercut
  • New Rear Rail system
  • Full-Length Pic Rail
  • Extended Beaver Tail
  • Locking Block Rail System
  • Blank Serialization Panel
  • Easier to complete

Make sure to check out our Lower Parts KitUpper Parts Kit, and Complete Uppers to help complete your build.

Watch our videos online for complete instructions and information on aftermarket upgrades, holsters, break-in and shooting tips.

Please Note: The Polymer80 Frame is compatible with Gen3 Parts only.

*Laws vary by state. Click Here for the latest information on California law regarding 80% lowers. Be sure to check with your state's Department of Justice for changes in laws pertaining to 80% builds.

Return Policy: Due to the unique nature of this item, the Polymer80 lower is non-refundable once it has been modified in any way.
Now is your best time to purchase the Polymer80 lower. 

Federal law states that you can build a firearm for personal use. This law has been in effect for years but one knows when or if it will be changed or repealed.

This do-it-yourself kit accepts Glock factory parts and we at the GlockStore have assembled both a Lower Parts Kit and an Upper Parts Kit to help you build the Polymer80 into a fully functional firearm. Of course, you probably already knew that!

The Polymer80 is one of the best lower kits available. It is very high quality and we've seen many complete guns that have turned out great. We've also seen some that were not finished correctly so it is extremely important that you read and follow the directions. 

There are a lot of reasons to purchase an 80% lower. We're here to support your choice with the information and parts you need to make it a reality.

Return Policy: Due to the unique nature of this item, the Polymer80 lower is non-refundable once it has been modified in any way.
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Ratings & Reviews

20 reviews

Locking Block Rail Problem


I would like to have given this product 5 stars however, the rails on the locking block are too thick forcing the slide to bind on the frame. So, before you get into the wrestling match trying to get the block into the frame (Lube it), flip it over and file down the BOTTOM of the rail a couple of thousands of an inch. Knock the sharp edges off the rear rail mod, assemble and... Presto! You will have a smooth, well cycling full sized Glock! I love the design of this model. It is as easy to complete as the compact model.

Would Like to Give This Product 5 Stars


I would like to give this product a 5 star rating, but I have 2 issues with the product. First, the front locking block had to be filed down considerably to be able to fit in the frame! Second, Polymer 80 V 2.0 Full size frames are not compatible with existing grip plugs! Also, this product will take a little shooting in to get good groupings, even with meticulous attention to detail. Overall pretty good product though!

Front rail


The front rail is a tight fit, what I did was take a small file and file just a little at the beginning of the slot on the frame where the rail is supposed to go in. Very little is needed to get the slide rail to start in. Once you can get it started, I just tapped it in with a plastic mallet. Other than that I had no problems, functions great. I'll give it five stars; the full size is a little beefier than the compact.

The Sequel Is Better Than The Original


I have been buying the Polymer 80 since it was released and I have to say that this P80 V2 is a huge improvement over the original. I have the P80 V1 and while I do like it the V2 is improved in so many ways. The rear metal slide rail makes is so much easier to finish verses having to mill the rear rail, and it also also for the slide to move smoother. The 1911 style grip on this V2 is beautiful and sleek and feels great in the hands. After perfecting the milling process of the V1 I was able to complete them in about and hour, with the V2 my first one I completed it in 34 minutes. I do agree with one of the other reviews that you need to put some rounds through it in order to get your grouping right but you have to do that with any new gun. I also have the G19 V2 compact and I prefer the G17 V2 because I have large hand so I like the this one better. As much as I like the G17 V1 the V2 is simply amazing. They got it right and this time the sequel is better than the original.

Ploy80 full size


Have built multiple poly80 compacts and now their full size and WOW what a great job they have done. Not the place to go into great detail about the little things you will need to figure out during your build. Take your time .. front rail block will fit tight don't immediately remove materail it will fit stay patient. Rear block sits a little tall if yours does I opened the rail blocks holes up a tiny bit solved the problem. Lone Wolf mag releases do NOT work .. mag release spring channel is too deep not enough spring pressure to hold mags in during cycling .. they will drop. You can feel how loose it is.Highly recommend using Glock OEM or Glock Store mag release. Overall GREAT PRODUCT.

Additional problems with front locking block


As we’ve all found out you have to bevel the bottom edges of the locking block, but here’s what I ran into.
After all the milling work was done I installed the new Pyramid flat faced trigger group. Took the slide off my 17 to test it and this is where things went south. The front hole for the locking block being predrilled caused the locking block to angle up towards the back and would not permit the slide to thread onto the rear rails. Contacted the people at Polymer80 and they were aware of the problem and are sending me a new locking block. Seems the bottom hole in the locking block is just a tad off. So if you run into this problem just contact them. They are great people to deal with. Hope this helps.



love the 80% frames done a few now worked flawlessly I even took a 22cal conversion kit and actually used it on all the frames and it worked great

Check your local laws


Nice paper weight, with no serial number, once you manufacture this into a functioning firearm, then that would meet the definition of a zip gun in the state of Texas which is illegal to possess and manufacture. So atf cannot regulate a paperweight with no serial number but know your state laws, once you manufacture this into a firearm, you may be committing a state violation of law. I recommend if you have any questions to call your local county or perish district attorney’s office and ask if your state restricts the manufacturing of a zip gun and what is the definition of a zip gun. Be informed.

Texas police officer of more than 15 years, who btw does not make the laws, your state legislatures do. Just trying to help / Inform you.

better than actual Glock


This was the first 80% build I have ever done. The 80% frame has a really nice ergonomic design and in my opinion is built a hundred times better than a stock Glock frame. I also purchased the p80 rmr cut slide and use the stock Glock upper and lower parts kit. When I first put it together the slide would not fit at all which was actually a good thing because after sanding it down to fit this gun holds very tight tolerances. It was very fun to build and it only took about 2-3 hours. I would say if you have a drill press use the End Mill bit supplied in the kit it makes life way easier than using a Dremel tool. Take your time have patience and the end result will be a really nice firearm.

"Check your local laws" misinformed you


I read his comment and called my attorney with Texas Law Shield.This and all 80% lowers are legal in Texas, because they are a firearm and not a zip gun; which is defined as something not intended or built as a firearm expelling a projectile. Like a potato gun or spring gun the polymer 80 is a firearm that is built as such. Check with a Texas lawyer for yourself and remember some people don't want you armed.

Great product


Very easy to complete everything lined up nicely and ran very smoothly used a oem 31 slide assembly no failures til this day 500 plus rounds

when is this gonna come in 45/10mm


Its easy to make and feels great now i want to make a 45 acp. When is it coming out

Awesome Kit!


This lower kit is simply awesome! The metal rear rails, which allow for rock-solid slide operation, is such a better design over the old poly rails that you had to carve out. I've put a few hundred rounds through mine so far and I have the utmost confidence in this new and improved kit. I wouldn't think twice about protecting me or my family with it.

Polymer 80


I watched every video of Lenny building these before I did mine it works flawless I'm very impressed with it

Rails need work.


The Version 2 is a nice frame with nice texture however, the rails need a lot of work. (sanding/leveling, & polishing) Rear rail on the right side was lower than the rest. It took a few trips to the range until it was cycling properly. My Version 1 build worked flawlessly right off the bat.

How a Glock is supposed to feel.


I have never liked the way a glock felt in the hand. I love this frame feels just like an FN with out the horrible doyble only trigger or polymer 1911 Finaly all the rugged reliability and conveniently available accessories in one comfortable package. I have finished two and they both took 300rds to brake in but love them more evrey time i use them. One is my daily carry.

Step by step


Just finished putting mine together. Great kit and great video! Followed step by step and had the same issues mentioned. Built a 22 out of the kit. Can't wait to try it out.

Easy to Put together with a little experience


Receive mine is a gift put it together at the kitchen table with minimum handtools bought a premade 35 slide from you guys went to the range first round stove pipe cleared it and it put over 1000 rounds through it since and carry it every day more comfortable than Put together with a little experiencemy Glock 23
The videos you guys have online were awesome and helped out a lot keep up the great work looking forward to when you come out with a 10 MM or 45 Lower

great product


After purchasing this poly 80 V2 and then all said components to build my pistol. I built a G31 .357 model to match my G32. An after getting it together and making sure everything was fit and fine clean tight I didn't have any problems installing the locking blocks or anything else, got everything cleaned and smooth out little bit of oil on the components that needed it installed competition springs and the Double diamond 3.5 lb bar. I put around a hundred fifty rounds threw the gun so far and didn't have a problem an everything workd fine and cycled fine it shoots great. I do plan to install the pyramid trigger in it next and I plan to put quite a few more rounds through it to get it set but the gun is tight it feels great and well worth the time and money it is to spend and build one. I do plan to build another one but I want to build it in the 45 caliber.

Updated review..


Updated from last review...I installed the new pyramid trigger system and wow...what a difference it makes..the same system is in my G32 also..on the factory trigger it was stiff and a hard pull and with the pyramid it is smooth and clean with no resistance at all..the Poly80 is a great gun and i expect many years of use from it...may install a new barrel later but for now its perfect...Thank you