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Practical Close-Range Combat Training

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The Practical Close-Range Combat Training Experience will unlock your Ultimate Tactical Advantage!

With our increasingly unpredictable world, readiness is paramount. Join us in our immersive and rigorous Practical Close-Range Combat (PCRC) training program, meticulously customized for responsible firearm owners dedicated to refining their close-quarters combat expertise. PCRC transcends conventional firearm training, whether you are operating alone or with a team, you’ll learn core strategies, methods, and protocols for executing practical close-quarters room combat.

Our team of expert instructors, which includes 20-year veterans from both SWAT and Special Forces, will guide you through critical areas of Practical Close-Range Combat.

In only two hours, 10am to noon, this class will train you in:

Core Principles & Fundamentals of Close Quarters Combat: Develop the fundamental principles that are crucial for success in close-quarters engagements.
Room Clearing, Hallways, and Intersections: Gain confidence in effectively clearing rooms, navigating hallways, and intersections.
Threat Neutralization: Acquire techniques and strategies to swiftly and decisively engage and neutralize threats.
2-4 Person Team Entry & Coordination: Elevate your teamwork and coordination skills for dynamic entry scenarios.
Situational Awareness: Develop heightened situational awareness to stay one step ahead of potential threats.

The Ideal Setting:
Join us at GlockStore’s prestigious indoor 270-degree shoot house in Nashville. This premier training facility provides optimal resources, offering an environment that mirrors real-life scenarios.

Secure Your Spot:
Don't miss this exclusive opportunity to elevate your PCRC skills. Seats are limited, so act now to secure your place in this transformative program. Register today to prepare for the unexpected and excel in high-stress situations. For registration or more information, please reach out to our Range & Training Director or visit our website at https://shoot270.com.

Prepare For Anything • Thrive in Every Situation • Enroll Today!

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