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Precision Extended Slide Lock for G43/43X/48

$19.99 to $29.95
SKU: 1108
$19.99 to $29.95
Precision machined for the Glock 43.

This is NOT STAMPED like most other slide locks on the market.

This allows you to be more accurate shot to shot!

Our GSPC Precision Extended Slide Lock is machined to be thicker and more robust than the factory part and is guaranteed to deliver better accuracy by letting your barrel and slide settle into battery more consistently.

We machine this precision part here in the USA from 416 stainless steel that is hardened to 45 Rockwell. It is slightly longer than the factory part, which makes it easier to grasp when removing the slide for disassembly and cleaning.

Order Online or Call Toll-Free: 1-800-601-8273
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Clean your pistol


I love this part it dropped right in with very little work my G43 is so much easier to clean now thank you Glock Store

Nice product.


Fits nicely and makes it much easier to break the gun down for cleaning. Also it doesn't interfere with my holster at all. Worth every penny.

Working real good


Love this upgrade, one of my top five upgrades and easy to install and looks tremendous in stainless, grab the stainless pins to while you're here

Note: Doesn't work with LaserMax recoil spring laser


I'm giving the product a 5 for the workmanship. It just didn't work for my application. I have a LaserMax LMS-G43 Guide Rod Laser installed in my Glock 43. This requires the slide lock to be able to be pushed to one side or the other to turn the laser on. After putting the GlockStore slide lock in I found it would not move from side to side. I'm holding on to the part in case I ever retire the LaserMax.

Love the videos. As a novice I was able to install +2 magazine extensions and TRUGLO TRITIUM/FIBER OPTIC SIGHTS. Look forward to visiting the Nashville store.

Absolute must buy.


I absolutely love this piece, it has made taking down my Glock 43 much easier.

Needs a little refinement.


Overall, this is a great improvement. The reason I only gave 4 stars is that this slide lock kept hanging up on one side or the other and not coming completely up on both sides each time. I ended up taking a file to round off the top of the slide catch on both sides of the angled part on top and that took care of it.

Amazing buy


I have some big hands and its always been a little tricky for me to take down my g43x. But with this extended slide lock it has made it so much easier for me. The only down fall to it is that it catches on my holster just a little bit but no big issue to me, easy fix. 10/10 will definitely get more for my other Glocks.

Perfect for my taste


Just tad extra to grab not too extra!

Almost Perfect


It certainly makes it easier to take down because of the extra length, but the edges are a bit too sharp edged for my liking. Those edges feel awkward for my support hand thumb. Since I cannot return it I'll probably tinker with a file to see if I can take the sharp edges off because I like that it is not stamped. If the edges were rounded like the factory part instead of sharp, I'd give it five stars.

Glock 43x MOS Custom

by -

Really enjoying my new slide lock! Can tell the difference between these and stock. These are so much better. Becareful when removing the old, there is a spring!!!