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Pyramid Trigger for G42/43/43X/48

SKU: 1116
The best trigger for Glocks is now available for your Glock 42 and 43. The Pyramid Trigger reduces the 7.5 lb factory trigger pull significantly and is much more comfortable on your finger!

When selecting the colors for your Pyramid Trigger, the first color is the shoe, and the second color is the safety. For example, the Black/Gold selection is a black shoe with a gold safety.

Pyramid G42/G43G43X/G48 Package includes:
• Titanium Coated Trigger Bar
• Aluminum Shoe and Trigger Safety — choose your colors
• Extra Power Trigger Spring — requires installation
• Double Diamond Connector — requires installation
• Titanium Coated Safety Plunger and reduced power Safety Plunger Spring — requires installation
• Reduced power Firing Pin Spring — requires installation

NOTE: Due to the wide variety of colors available, as well as the number of Glock models we support, Pyramid Triggers are built to order and billed upfront. It will take at least 10 business days to build, test, and ship your trigger. Some models may take longer due to shifting supply chain issues.
The Pyramid Trigger is known for its ergonomically shaped trigger shoe and trigger safety that is machined in the USA from aerospace aluminum. It is much more comfortable and responsive than the factory plastic trigger providing a shorter and crisper trigger pull.

It's available in six different color combinations. Additionally, you'll notice our uniquely identified gold trigger bar is coated with Titanium Nitride. This coating is extremely hard and friction-free, which helps give the Pyramid Trigger a crisp, consistent, and even break … allowing you total control of your speed and accuracy.

The Pyramid Trigger for your G42/G43 also includes the Double Diamond 3.5lb connector. This provides a lighter trigger pull than factory and a more positive reset. It also contains our Titanium Coated Safety Plunger, featuring a friction-free coating, for positive safety action and minimal wear. Finally, we've included three precision springs to complete the package: A reduced power firing pin spring and reduced power safety plunger spring to further lighten the trigger pull and an extra power trigger return spring to enhance trigger reset.

Watch the installation video online!

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Good Investment


Great investment, a little pricey but I feel it was worth it. I shoot much better with the trigger and upgraded tungsten guide rod.

Why spend over a third of the price of my gun for a trigger, Because it is a suberb upgrade


OK, why spend over a third of the price of my gun for a trigger. Well the gun supposedly has a 5.5 lb trigger...Nope my measures 6.5 and it had excess pre/post travel. The trigger at the moment of release was neither crisp nor rolling...it was "scratchy" even after a $0.25 trigger job (which did improve it somewhat). When I would dry fire the pistol with a bore-site laser, the dot would always jump2" at 5 meters to the 1 o'clock position despite a proper grip.

. I installed it in under 15 minutes in my G43.

My trigger pull is now 4 lbs 2 oz. The pre/post travel and reset are perfect.The trigger release is crisp and consist with a buttery smooth feel. There is virtually no laser dot bounce now.