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10-Day Red Dot Optic / Slide Cut Combo

$349.95 to $729.95
SKU: 20174
$349.95 to $729.95

Check Out Our Optic Gallery to to see the CoWitness options available with different optics and suppressor height sights: Click Here

This is for the Slide Cut & Optic Combo - if you already own an optic or don't need one yet Click Here for Slide Cut Only

One of the hottest trends in the shooting world are using Red Dot Optics. Shooters have quickly adopted this combination as one of the best ways to shoot faster and more accurately.

Now this is great if your Glock is the MOS version… but what if it’s not?

Well then, you’re in luck! You can have your slide precision cut at GS Performance for the exact RDO you want. This results in a lower, more secure, and more accurate mounting method than the universal mounting plate required by the MOS versions.

Here’s what we do:

1.) We precision cut and mill your slide, then protect the bare metal with a Cold Blue coating.

2.) We then mount your choice of available RDO optics.

3.) We ship the finished slide back to you… and do it all in 10 days or less.

For complete details on the 10 Day Guarantee, please refer to the below Additional Information.

Please Note the Following:

• If you have a factory MOS slide, some cuts may not be compatible. Please call to verify.

• The SCS cut requires suppressor sights to co-witness.

• Combat Cut adds $25 to the cost due to additional handling requirements.

• Extra long slides such as the 17L may have limited optic compatibility, please call in to verify.

For additional “whole slide” refinishing options, Click Here. Also note that additional refinishing options will add at least 15 days to the “Cuts Only” Ten Day Guarantee turn around time.

Here’s how it works:

Just purchase the RDO/RDO Cut Combo. Mail your slide, stripped or not, with the sales order number, to:

GS Performance

Custom Shop / Slide Cuts

1930 Air Lane Drive

Nashville, TN 37210

Once we get it, and open the package, the days start ticking and we’ll have it cut, mounted, tested, and on it’s way back to you in 10 days… or less.


• Return shipping time is NOT included in the 10 Day guarantee.

• If you have aftermarket rear sights on your Glock, they may need to be removed before cutting. Any removed sights will be returned to you when we ship your slide.

• Once the slide is cut, you cannot return the RDO. We only offer exchanges, and only for defective units.

• Due to tight turnarounds and tracking methods, Optic Cuts cancelled after we receive the slide are subject to up to a 10% Schedule & Handling fee. Once machining has started, Optic Cuts are Non-Refundable.

10 Day Guarantee

“10 Day Period” starts when we have received and opened your package in our Nashville location and pertains to the Cold Blue finish only.

Days are defined as GlockStore Business days, Monday thru Friday.

We will cut your slide, install the Red Dot Optic, and ship from our facility in 10 Days or Less or the Slide Cut is Free.*

NOTE: Return shipping time is NOT included in the 10 Day guarantee.

Purchased Red Dot Optic must in-stock to qualify for the “10 Day Guarantee.”

Red Dot Optics supplied by the customer must be in “ready to install” condition, with all necessary hardware, to qualify for the “10 Day Guarantee.”

Sales Order number MUST accompany the slide to qualify for the “10 Day Guarantee.”

*RDO Slide Cut is valued at $150.

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20174-4343X48-507K for the Glock 43X


I had the cut and mounting of the Holosun 507K done on my Glock 43X right after Father's Day 2021. Great discussion with customer service in San Diego on ordering the combo. Sending the slide to Nashville was very simple and easy as well. The Nashville team completed the cut and the mounting of the Holosun and returned the assembly on time. I couldn't be more pleased with the Glock Store and have been on all my orders over the years. My 43X was and still is my EDC especially now. As the saying goes around here "Just Do It" and get the combo done. Enjoy!

Just do it..


Went into the San Diego Store to do this to my Glock 43. They packed and shipped the slide to Tennessee, 21 days later it was ready back in the San Diego Store. Super happy with the results and service.

easy upgrade


Great job as promised fast service, really made my 48 an even better EDC for "older eyes",thanks again guys!

Fast turnaround and great quality!


I ordered the slide cut and optic combo for my Glock 20 Gen 4 on Wednesday March 23. I sent the slide that afternoon and by Friday the 25th I received an email from Glock that they had received the slide and were beginning the work. I had slide in hand on April 1st! The turnaround time was amazingly quick and the quality of the work was fantastic. Exactly what I wanted. I made sure to have them leave the stock sights on so I can upgrade later. I will definitely recommend this service!

Awsome job by Glock Store


Great service got my Glock 23 (Gen3) slide milled and Holoson 507 installed. Works great and all was done in 5 days. Great job Glockstore.

If you're 60 and over do this.


Without a doubt, the best mod I've ever had done on my Glock 43. If you're an oldie like me you will find that a quality optic is worth every penny. It's not just the accuracy you will incur but more importantly it is the speed of acquiring your target . I am able to draw and shoot accurately 3 times faster than with my iron sights. No wasting precious seconds making minute target adjustments - Just draw and shoot - dead center accuracy every time.
GlockStore service was as advertised. If you CCW this mod is well worth considering.

old guy with astigmatism and trifocals


What a difference for an old guy with astigmatism and trifocals! Trying to focus on the front site with the middle lens of my glasses and still be able to focus on the target was very frustrating(head bobbing up and down or just guessing). Focusing on the target only and bringing the red dot into the target narrowed my groupings dramatically. I had the GlockStore mill and install the 508T. Quick turnaround, less than 2 weeks from the day of shipping from California to receiving back home, well under the 10 day guarantee.

A perfect 10


Freaking amazing! Great optic and machined slide cut - back in my possession in less than 10 days, and from 2000 miles away!

New Life for Glock 19 Gen 3


New life for my G19 Gen 3. Absolutely perfect job.
Fantastic telephone help from GlockStore team. Fast turn around.
Co-witness RMR cut
Trijicon RMR Type 2 Adjustable LED Black 6.5MO
Trijicon Supressor NS

Best slide cut deal there is.


Purchased the Trijicon RMR/slide cut combo, perfect slide cut, no hassel as everything comes installed and ready to go. 10 days as advertised and the customer service help with picking the right irons for lower 1/3 co witness was above and beyond.

You will not be disappointed!


Recently sent my Gen4 17 slide for the red dot optic/slide cut combo. Had the slide expresskoted in OD green.
I got the slide back at least two weeks early and it is gorgeous. Looks and feels like a brand new gun. Had them mount a taller site at the same time. Only issue was the Holosun battery was DOA. Bought a new battery and good to go. Very pleased with the site, very slick mounting.
Service and products exceed expectations. Highly recommend the Glock Store. Only problem is now I have to budget for more accessories!

Glock 43 Slide mill


Super quick and excellent work. I had the slide back in 8 days!

More Than Pleased


Sent my slide to GS for the red dot and slide cut combo on a Friday and received my finished slide and holosun 507 back on the next Thursday. They had to have bore sighter in the holosun because it didn't need any adjustment. My failing eye's are not a disadvantage any longer. Watch Lenny's video on the 507c for a good explanation of this combo. GS over delivered and was well worth the money! Wish I could have added pictures!

So good I'm doing it again!


Recently received my Gen 5 Glock 19 back from GS. I have been so impressed with the slide cut combo that I'm sending in my Gen 3 Glock 22. The 507C and Tall sights are the best combo for older guys with failing eye's. Be sure to watch Lenny's video on the Holosun 507C. Quality/Customer Service is top notch! Wish I could post pictures, they are worth a thousand words!

Holosun grn dots with Night fusion suppressor sites zero'd perfectly!


The finished product is well worth the wait. You will love the cerakote craftsmanship, put into every detail. Had Optic cuts with Holosun grn dots with Night fusion suppressor sites zero'd in perfectly. Worth every penny and the over all impression is 5 star in my book. Had my Glock 17, 19X, 43X x2 done and they are all perfect.

Better than I thought it would be


I just received my Red dot optic /slide cut combo order back for my G45 and even though I haven't been able to get to the range to try it out I am very happy with the treatment and results from Glock store. Even though there were issues with my order we opened and maintained a line of communication until the order was completed. My slide was gone a total of 18 days with 8 of those days being the package in transport.
The slide and optic came back looking very good as I imagined with all of the accessories which are part of the order nicely boxed and protected. I read some very bad reviews at a site which had me worried, but I was totally satisfied with all aspects of the process.

I will use the Glock Store again.



I added the Holosun 507C X2 to a G45. Getting old and my eyes aren't what they used to be. Very quick turn around. Slide was received by Glock 2/17 and was back in my hands 3/1, two days in transit. Don't forget February only has 28 days in it. Zero complaints. Had it in the range to complete the zero the day after I got it back. Absolutely love it.

"Eyeing" an optic? Search no more. Just DO IT


At 63, eyes just are not what they once were. Right dominant and right eye is the worst. Distance is a bit blurry, with minor correction. I have dot optic on my rifle and after a rifle shoot, near perfection, I thought I had to try a dot optic on a handgun. I chose my G23 with the Holoson 507C. Shipped the slide on 4/28 USPS insured. GS received it PM 5/4. Notified me it was done on 5/11, shipped it 5/12. I got it today, 5/15. They used 2-day FED EX to return it to me. I got it at 2:30 pm. Bore sight zeroed it today. On the range for a try tomorrow.
Customer service outstanding. They beat their 10 day turn time from the 5th to the 11th. Customer service people I spoke to at length a few times .... outstanding. Once I began the inquiry with Morghan, each time I called with more questions I always asked for her. She was really helpful, knowledgeable and fun to talk with about this project both verbally and in email correspondence. They executed BIGLY.
I've always been a fan of GS.

Great option!


Had the service performed with a older G19 and Holosun 507K. Opted for the tall iron sights at a discount and free installation at time of cut.Great service and fast turnaround.
RDS is the way to go on and off the range.
I purchased quite a few parts to revive my old G19 from the GS and I am very happy with this service and GS.

Great Buy!


I recently bought the 10-Day Optic/slide Cut combo for my G19 Gen5 and I am very happy with the purchase. I got the Holosun 507C X2 installed by the folks at GS and they did a fantastic job of milling the slide and installing the optic. A very professional looking job. Thank you

Great Service


RDS is the only way to go as far as I'm concerned for competition,CCW or general range shooting.I had an older G19 cut and Holosun 507k x2 installed. Liked the service so much I had my G21SF done also with a Holosun 508.I took advantage of the discount and free mounting while GS had my slide and added suppressor height sights on both purchases.While the sights added more time and any additions do, I still received my purchases in a quick manner.I couldn't be happier with the service provided and highly recommended it.Wife's G19 Gen5 is next.

Glock 19 Gen 5 trijicon rnr type 2


Absolutely amazing work fast turn around time, you will not be disappointed trust me it’s worth every penny thank you guys!

10-Day Red Dot


I had my Glock slide cut (Combat Cut) and had new sights installed with a Holosun Red dot. OMG All I Can Say Is Awesome!! Alex fixed a minor hip-cut very fast. 10 Stars!!!



I sent my Glack 43X slide and Holosun sight so the slide could be cut and the sight mounted. It came back in the time stated and was done to perfection. I am extremely satisfied with the quality of the work done.
Great job guys!

hands down the best upgrade you can do to your glock


Got my G19 gen3 cut and fitted with the Holosun EPS MRS red dot. Received it today (in less than 10 days) and took it out to the range. Hands down the best upgrade you can do to your gun to improve your accuracy and grouping. Especially for aging eyes. If you grew up in the video game era like me, it's like playing Halo on the Xbox. All those endless hours of playing first-person shooters actually pays off. Will send in my G29SF gen3 to get the same setup!