SS80 Builder Tool Set

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The SS80 Builders Tool Set includes all the items you'll need to prepare the SS80 lower to accept Glock 43 parts.

This includes the drilling fixture, rear rail system, extended trigger housing pin, locking block rail system, and drill bits. The SS80 Builders Tool Set is sold as a separate item and is needed to complete the SS80 80% Lower, found here.

NOTE: Please watch the detailed instructional videos on the SS80 product page for more information regarding finishing your SS80.

Also Note: For your convenience, the SS80 Builder's Tool Set now comes with a pre-drilled Locking Block. The product shown in the video is an earlier version that required additional drilling, however you can skip this step with current and future versions of the SS80 Locking Block.
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Just an FYI

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Just a heads up the jig screws are too short, whey will not engage the nuts when trying to clamp the jig together.

Great kit.. just two things I would change..


I can confirm - the screws are too short to engage nuts on jig kit - bummer because was great idea.. but regardless, this kit is amazing and couldn’t be happier with the finished product. I do wish the trigger guard was squared in front so I can attach a Streamlight TLR6 and use kydex holster, etc - texture & trigger guard undercuts are spot on-great feel.

The screws are too short to engage the nut.

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Had the same problem with the screws and only received 3 of each

Excellent Kit but provided screws are too short


Excellent jig and kit. Lenny's videos are first rate and essential. The only reason I give this four stars instead of five is because the provided screws are indeed too short, as another reviewer has mentioned. They will not even engage one thread on the nut. The kit also provides only three screws/nuts although there are four slots in the jig, as you can see in the picture. Four screws should be provided, not three. I went to Ace Hardware and bought four one-inch screws with nuts for a few dollars. The claim made in the video that the screws are "just long enough" are incorrect. Once I had my own set of four screws I was able to complete the assembly. Seems a shame that this fault is present when everything else is first rate.

Nice kit and jig, but provided screws are too short


Overall an excellent kit but the previous reviewer who mentioned that the screws are too short is 100% correct. Lenny's videos are very good, but the claim in this video that the screws are "just long enough" is simply incorrect. The screws do not even engage the first thread on the nuts. I had to go out and buy longer screws - 1 inch is fine. The length does not in any way interfere with the ability to put this jig in a vise to work on it. It is aggravating that with such fine quality everywhere else, the screws-too-short problem prevents me from giving this product 5 stars.

ss80 jig screws


Fun build but the jig screws are to short ,

Quality Control


The only reason this did not get 5 stars is because the screws to hold it together were too short to reach the threading of the bolts. I used paracord to wrap around to hold it together. The holes were perfect and I had no other problems besides that.

Missed it by that much


Head scratcher as to why you would have great kit BUT give the customers 3 PLASTIC nuts and bolts that are too short.
Please include 4 metal nuts and bolts of the correct length.

Screws were fine on my 2 kits


I'm surprised to see people saying the screws are too short because the ones that came with mine worked fine. Maybe there's some variance in some batches. I was one of the original pre-orders so my 2 kits were early kits if that means anything.

Worked great for me though.. Beats having to tape the thing together like P80 kits. Jig was also solid and reliable during the locking block drilling procedure. Didn't flex or come apart.



Worked great. The screws in my kit were the correct length. I am assuming that the other reviewers know that the nuts can only go on one side; the side with the hex shaped recess for the nuts. Couldn’t get much simpler.

Screws too short, only need another .25”


The provided screws to hold the jig together are too short to hold it tight or to even grab the nut. Luckily I found some bolts with nuts that fit perfectly in the holes to replace them, but it’s an issue that should be resolved before shipping them out.

:). Now with predrilled locking block! :)

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I placed an order for the SS80 and the builders kit in December 2017. When the items arrived, I was extremely happy to see that the locking block was predrilled. It made the whole process a lot easier, and go together without a problem.

I hope that the GlockStore continues to provide predrilled locking blocks, as it is just easier to complete.

Version 2 is better, but not perfect

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I got the first version of this kit which has to drill the locking block. Because the locking block did not seated properly for the drilling. The holes were not align, it was off by 2/100, which makes a big difference. Now the revised kit comes with the locking block is drilled. The slide slides on with no issue. The screws to hold the jig together is now a 1/4 inch longer. My build still has a slight issue that the left slide is still 1/100 higher.



I beg to differ I actually had no issues with the jig screws at all. I really like this kit I want more.