SS80 80% Lower

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COMING SOON: New SS80 Color Options are now available for preorder! FDE, OD, and Tactical Grey versions will be ready to ship by the week of 10/15/18. Place your order now to be first in line!

The SS80 80% Lower is sold as a separate item. To complete the lower you will also need the purchase the SS80 Builders Tool Set found here.

Here's the brand new 80% Lower that you've been waiting for… the build-your-own Single Stack 80% Lower that you complete with Glock 43 parts. 

The NEW SS80 Single Stack 80% Lower is now the best 80% lower on the market. This new version is not only new but improved in design and materials!

Based on the customer feedback and months of research and development, the SS80 is made with a much stronger and more durable nylon/polymer blend that is similar to the original 43 but actually dampens felt recoil and provides even better reliability. 

You'll notice the grip texture immediately. It provides a rock solid grip that feels good and is strikingly attractive. The frame is shaped with a double trigger undercut that allows you to get a higher grip on the gun, which reduces felt recoil and improves speed and accuracy. 

As with all 80% Lowers, at this time there is no serial number, however a serial plate is embedded in the polymer to allow you to serialize it once completed.

The SS80 is compatible with parts designed for the Glock 43.

Click HERE to read the ATF Determination Letter.

Please Note: This is the SS80 Single Stack Frame Blank (aka 80% Lower) ONLY. It does not include any of the parts or tools required to complete the lower. We carry an SS80 Builders Tool Set found here which includes the tools necessary to finish the lower. The SS80 Single Stack 80% Lower is ONLY compatible with factory and aftermarket Glock 43 parts.

ALSO NOTE: The SS80 Locking Block in the Builder's Tool Set does not have a pre-drilled trigger pin hole. This hole must be drilled along with the SS80 frame using the included jig. Please watch the detailed instructional video, SS80 - The Complete Build, Part 1, starting from 44:00 for more information on finishing this part.

Return Policy: Due to the unique nature of this item, the SS80 lower is non-refundable once it has been modified in any way.
Now is your best time to purchase the SS80 lower. 

Federal law states that you can build a firearm for personal use. This law has been in effect for years, but one knows when, or if, it will be changed or repealed.

This do-it-yourself frame accepts Glock 43 factory parts.

The SS80 is the best lower available. In fact, at this time, it is the only 80% lower available that accept G43 parts. It is a very high quality polymer frame.

There are a lot of reasons to purchase an 80% lower. We are here to support your choice with the information and parts you need to make it a reality.

Return Policy: Due to the unique nature of this item, the SS80 lower is non-refundable once it has been modified in any way.
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Nice fun little gun


Just got my SS80 in the mail today. Quite different to build than the previous polymer 80s. The entire process is different, so it took me longer to build because I had to learn this process from scratch. I had mine together or partially together 3 times and had to take it back apart, because the SS80 requires assembly in a certain order to complete all of the steps of the build. Nice gun, fun build, but be prepared for a little different process than the polymer 80.

Worth the wait!


I was part of the original pre-order, and received mine yesterday. I am pleased with the high quality of the frame, and the grip texture is much better than on an OEM G43. I filed a bit too much on the deny rails, so the deck isn't as flush as it should be, but that's on me.

The only reason I gave it 4/5, is because of having to drill the holes in the locking block. I think that there is more of a chance of having an issue this way, than just having to drill the trigger pin holes. You really should have a drill press if you are going to drill through the locking block as well. Using a hand drill is more likely to result in holes that aren't clean.

Glockstore you nailed the SS80!


This was quite the journey with the GlockStore! I have to say this SS80 is not only more solid feeling then my original Glock 43 but the rail system provides lends to more confidence in it as a ‘shooter’. If your on the fence about this one...PULL THE TRIGGER AND BUY IT! You won’t be disappointed.

Absolutely love it.


I’ve had mine for just under a week and finally got to building it today, it was a fun experience for sure. I didn’t run into any trouble and took me about 2 hrs from start to finish. Also, excellent thing on Lenny’s part for posting the extremely detailed and helpful SS80 build videos. I would surely buy this product again. I can’t express how excited I am to take it to the range this weekend. Just know that the tlr-6 STREAMLIGHT will not work with this frame out of the box. I was able to fit mine with a simple mod. I absolutely love it and it was surely worth the wait. Thanks GLOCKSTORE.

Amazing 80% frame! Don't worry so much about drilling the locking block.


I had done 4 Polymer80 kits before receiving this thing, and I really liked how easy it was to catch on to the SS80 kit as I was able to use some of the tricks I taught myself doing Polymer80 kits to put this together smoothly.

The quality of the SS80 is excellent. It looks great, is incredibly comfortable, and is just practical without any unnecessary flashy aesthetics.

I was honestly quite nervous about drilling the locking block hole. I did it with a cordless drill that probably had less RPM's than it should have, which required me to use more arm force to press into the steel and caused some fatigue in my drilling arm which made my arm rather shaky at one point, but despite the shaky arm the locking block hole to my relief came out perfect. Those of you who are worried I would say probably don't need to worry nearly as much. Just take your time, use an adequately powered drill, and clamp the jig in a vice.

My favorite gun


I just put my SS80 together and got her out for a test run. This little thing is amazing! Shoots like a dream and feels way easier to handle than the factory 43 that I tried as a rental. To say that I'm satisfied is an understatement. I'll probably order one more, just to have as a spare in case the unthinkable happens and I somehow lose possession of the first one. Thank you Glockstore for bringing this beauty to the market.

This is a super product, have patience and it'll turn out gr8


Great product, follow Lenny's instructions and you won't go wrong. Yes you have to drill the locking block, nbd use a vise or clamp it to a table just don't smoke the bit or melt the plastic. Go slow... Make sure you watch Lenny's videos for assembly procedures it's a lil different than a poly80 g17/22 or g19/23 because you gotta drill the locking block, remove it after you drill it, install ur trigger group and slide release then reinstall ur locking block, again nbd.

Glad I waited!


I was one of the original pre-orders and was on the fence several times to get the refund. I’m glad I stuck it out! I had the complete upper and trigger kit so when my ss80 came in the mail I couldn’t wait to build it. The next day I put Lenny’s video on and it took me about 45 minutes start to finish to complete. I did use a drill press an had no issues with the build. It feels a bit rough but probably just needs a few hundred rounds put through it to break it in. I can’t wait to get to the range!

Glock 43


Got mine last Wednesday it’s my third build it literally fell together best build yet worth the wait



Just got it today! Absolutely love it! Thank you very much for making an 80% G43 lower, it feels better and stronger than the OEM G43. Can't wait to get it completed