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Slide Pull Charging Handle for G42/43/43X/48

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If you or someone you know has trouble cycling the slide of your Glock this is the answer.

The SLIDE PULL CHARGING HANDLE replaces the slide cover plate at the back of your Glock to give you a ring or handle to insert your finger to facilitate pulling the slide back. It makes it much easier to pull back the slide because you don’t have to use fine muscle strength (fingers and grip) to initiate the action. Perfect for older folks, ladies, those with disabilities and/or medical conditions.

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This is perfect! Makes charging the handgun a breeze as new Glocks can have some pretty tight springs. I kinda figured it would be super ugly sticking out from the rear of the slide on my G42 but it's far from ugly..different "yes"..If you want to make racking the slide a piece of cake on your G42 or 43.....This is all you need!

Glock comes through again!!


My wonderful wife bought me a new Glock 43X for my birthday and it fits my hand perfectly, but the spring is very strong. Seeing I am well past 70 years old with arthritis I went looking for some type of charging assist device. Of course the first place I always look is the Glock Store. Wow, you came through for me again! I have to admit the wife provided an extra set of hands for installation and five minutes later it was installed. Just like in the video we had to tap it into place to fully seat it. ?Thank you as I can now keep shooting until I reach 100 years old.

Almost knocked it outa the park...


But unfortunately Glockstore doesn't support Canadian consumers. Lots of us up here in the North buy the Glock 48 - a firearm specifically designed for the Canadian market. Unfortunately when it comes to upgrades, additions, and support... Glockstore's only response is "We cannot ship gun parts overseas" but sir, Canada is not 'overseas' and we have laws governing the lawful sale/exchange of firearms over our border - I even purchased my G48 from a US dealer. Heck, your Whitehouse is 'white' because of us... so where's the love?



It works amazingly great for racking my Glock 26 gen 5. I installed it easily from watching the Glock video on it. Expensive but its incredible to have with arthritic hands. For that I gave it 5 star rating.

Game changer for weak hands!


It functions perfectly and makes racking the slide a piece of cake. It looks very interesting too. I was going to install it on my 42 but decided to use it on my 48 so I could have an easy to use gun for friends that may want to go to the range.
The downside is that it was very tight to install. I had to gently squeeze it on with a pair of wide reach channel locks while carefully pressing in the trigger and extractor pins. Would recommend taking to a gunsmith if you are doubtful about doing this yourself. I am dreading the day I have to remove it.