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Slide Pull Charging Handle for G42/43/43X/48

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If you or someone you know has trouble cycling the slide of your Glock this is the answer.

The SLIDE PULL CHARGING HANDLE replaces the slide cover plate at the back of your Glock to give you a ring or handle to insert your finger to facilitate pulling the slide back. It makes it much easier to pull back the slide because you don’t have to use fine muscle strength (fingers and grip) to initiate the action. Perfect for older folks, ladies, those with disabilities and/or medical conditions.

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This is perfect! Makes charging the handgun a breeze as new Glocks can have some pretty tight springs. I kinda figured it would be super ugly sticking out from the rear of the slide on my G42 but it's far from ugly..different "yes"..If you want to make racking the slide a piece of cake on your G42 or 43.....This is all you need!