Speed Ledge

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Now you can keep recoil under control with the Speed Ledge thumb rest!

Please Note: Make your selection based on your dominant shooting hand. The Ledge will be on the opposite side from the Hand choice.

The Speed Ledge is a mechanical device that enables you to control recoil by using your thumb as a lever.

It also gives your thumb a nice place to rest. By applying pressure to your thumb you can control the recoil on your Glock. It really does work, and it's an item that customers have been requesting.

The downside, when installed on your Glock, it may not fit into your holster. That said, it's a fun little gadget that makes it easier to shoot fast and accurately.

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Speed Ledge for a Glock & a 1911


I am impressed by your speed Ledge for the glock; I wonder if it would work as well for a 1911 in .45APC? I rarely find something that comes along that really adds to my shooting. The Speed Ledge looks like it may be one of those rare ideas that really works.

Thanks for your creativity,

Recoil No More!


ok, I was deeply skeptical about the Speed Ledge. But after I witnessed the winner of my open class competition using this device, I was intrigued. Then I started to notice that training facilities were using these as well! So I bought one for myself and my wife. This little invention really works...my competition times dropped substantially and my wife likes it when shooting my Glock .45.....worth every penny! Only problem was that I had to go to the manufacturers website to order a custom holster.



I ordered one of these Speed Ledges after watching a review online from GUNS.com. I took it to the range and immediately noticed that I could get back on target much quicker during follow-up shots. Nice little gadget that absolutely helps me and likely other competition shooters out there gain a small advantage.

got get one


i love it i have two 19 one 32 and a 22 and they all have the speed ledge on it. The only problem is a holster you really have to look, but luve it luve it.