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Stainless Steel Competition Guide Rod for Mini-Glocks

$49.95 to $59.95
SKU: 1044
$49.95 to $59.95

Reduce recoil and muzzle flip. Make your Glock easier and more comfortable to shoot.


This item fits in and functions in both Gen3, Gen4, and Gen5 Sub Compact guns also known as Mini-Glocks: Glock Model 26, 27, 33, and 36. This also fits in the Gen3 and Gen4 Glock Model 29 & 30.

Does not fit the Gen5 G29 and G30.

Guide Rod Weights

Plastic= 10.35 grams/0.36 ounces

Stainless Steel= 26.28 grams/0.92 ounces

Factory weight, reduced or extra power spring included and captured on guide rod as pictured.

The extra weight of our stainless steel and tungsten guide rods for your Mini-Glock helps the gun shoot better and feel better. You'll be able to shoot faster and more accurately while reducing recoil and muzzle jump. It's a drop-in part with the dual springs included and captured on the rod. And, now you can select the spring weight that is best for you.

The Glock is a wonderful gun ... we all know that. But some of the parts should be changed to improve performance. This part is more than 50% heavier than the factory plastic part which will help you shoot the gun faster and more accurately because it reduces recoil and muzzle flip.

This extra weight makes a big difference in controlling recoil and muzzle flip.

Spring Weight Sets are available as follows, use drop down menu to select:
• G26/27/33/39 - 16lbs factory weight, also available in 14lbs, 18lbs, 20lbs, 22lbs
• G29/30/G30SF/36 - 17lbs factory weight, also available in 15lbs, 19lbs, 21lbs, 23lbs

Our Dual Spring stainless steel guide rod replaces the factory plastic part and improves cycling by allowing less torque on the part. It also helps reduce felt recoil and muzzle flip because it is 50% heavier than the factory plastic part.

It drops in easily without any gunsmithing required. You can select the spring weight you desire based on your shooting style, ammunition used, and recoil management you require. The Dual Spring Guide Rod assembly is used in the subcompact Glock handguns.

Please read before calling: If you're not hand loading your ammunition, or shooting notably light, or hot loads from the factory, it is advised you stay with the factory spring weight for your Glock. A lesser weight spring can be used with low power loads, vice versa with high power loads.

Order Online or Call Toll-Free: 1-800-601-8273

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good upgrade!


My glock 26 shot noticeably more flat. Tighten up my double tap groups. Also made the G26 feel more balance. When looking down the sights I notice my front sight is less shaky.

Works well!


I ordered this spring for a recently purchased G30S.
This adds a little extra weight at the front, reduces flip, and helps me with better groupings.
The 30S can definitely be a "handful of gun" however this helps to bring it under better control.

Money well spent as the OEM part is plastic.

This was the fix...


I built a Polymer 80 PF940SC. I consider myself to be very capable mechanically. From the second I built this kit my G26 jammed on every shot. The slide was also very difficult to rack. Not only did it not eject properly but it also stove piped on every shot. It was frustrating cause without functioning properly...this was a complete waste of money...to the tune of over $600.00. After disassembly numerous times and polishing-mirror like- all parts that would contact each other, I saw some vids on you tube about malfunction guide rods and springs. The original was an 0-8-2. I bought another 0-8-2 from here and it did the same thing... I will not call it stock because in my case the original spring was DEAD wrong for this build. Getting a stainless steel rod and the 14 lb. spring makes this lil G26 a pleasure to own and now shoot. It is unbelievable how well it now fires...Thanks GlockStore for you professionalism and efficiency. Well done.

A big improvement over the stock part.


Yes!! A more solid feel while shooting. Grouping improved.

Just give them a shot


The glockstore.com has yet to fail!! They have been my go to for the past year.
Quality is everything when your working on your own or repairs, upgrades for a client.

Great Improvement


This stainless steel guide rod for my Glock 30 .45 is a great improvement over the OEM plastic rod. This is the first thing, one should do to their Glock. And its a simple drop in part, only takes a couple of minutes to install yourself. Now I have to get one for my 9 mm.

Guide Rod for Mini Glocks


I just got my stainless guide rod today, after a very long wait, but it was worth it. These guide rods are a great product worth every penny. My slides operate much smoother now. My Glock 26 and 30 both shoot faster holding a tighter group now, and with less recoil. If you want to make a change on your glock, I suggest changing out the old plastic guide rod, you will be glad you did. Thanks GS

Takes Away Most p80 Headaches


Fine-tuning a p80 can be tricky, especially with a bunch of custom parts. I have two g26 p80s, both built with different parts kits, and both have problems with slide stop and racking slide all way back. They often will not lock when mag is empty. One came with a super-old gen 3 guide rod, the other kit came with a double-spring guide rod. I have tried everything! (I think it is the Tyrant slide stops, and I may Dremel them some).
I purchased one of these rods to see if I could get better function. Immediately, the gun worked proper, with slide stop working. So if you have slide stop problems, and have tried everything, give this a try, especially if you are using aftermarket slide stops like Tyrant CNC, SUre Touch, or extended.
PLUS the gun functions better. I just ordered a second one of these for my other build. I am also sure it is because of the Tyrant CNC pieces, which are still my favorites of all time.

Pleasantly surprised


I ordered one in 21lb spring for my Glock 30s and I got significant reduction in recoil, muzzle drop is not as exaggerated as you would think ..it is very minimal. Ordered one for my Glock 26 with oem spring rate . Waiting for that one to come in the mail.